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08-23-05, 01:20 pm
Ok after looking at a few of the gallerys i noticed that a few of them had corners that looked like a bathroom and my question is does that really work? My pig just goes all over his cage and how would you potty train them to go in a specific area? Thanks to all that can enlighten me on this.

08-25-05, 08:34 am
Not sure. I'm looking to potty-train mine also.

08-25-05, 09:46 am
me too, I don't want to spot clean the whole cage, just one part. I think if you have normal bedding (not Fleece liek what I have) you move some of the bedding where they have peed and pooped and put it where you want them to go, then they can small the sent.

08-25-05, 11:31 am
I put a corner tray in my cage. The girls do pee in it but of course they poop where they want to. I just vacuum the poop out a couple times a day. My girls are big poopers. I use fleece in my cage. Under the fleece I use a layer of puppy pads, then a thick layer of newspaper.

08-25-05, 04:36 pm
How would you train your piglets to go in one corner? I tried it and so far my pig doesn't use it one bit.

08-26-05, 01:42 pm
Thats a good idea Lisser. I'll try that. Today, I just made 2 cuddle cups and the pigs absolutely LOVE them!

08-26-05, 02:21 pm
You can put hay and soiled shavings or poop in the litter box.

08-26-05, 06:10 pm
Yeah but I have tried and he just doesn't use it one bit.

My Baby Mu
08-26-05, 07:02 pm
It takes a while. Go to www.treenspigs.com (http://www.treenspigs.com) and in the information section somewhere there is a part about potty training outside of cage, apply this to a cage and take bedding out of the other places and put it only in the litter box.

08-26-05, 07:48 pm
No matter what you do, pigs will poo everywhere no matter what. Also, the pigs decide if they want to learn how to use a litter pan. A litter box is more for getting them to pee in one place, not poo.

My Baby Mu
08-26-05, 08:32 pm
I have to disagree Ly, you can teach VERY FEW pigs to poo in the litter box. Then agree with you in the next sentence only some pigs can learn.

08-27-05, 05:15 pm
You are entitled to your own opinion. I am basing my opinion on my personal experiences with my pigs. They only poo in the litter box if they happen to be in it peeing.

My Baby Mu
08-27-05, 08:08 pm
Ya, I think they have to learn to goo pee in it before they poo in it.

08-29-05, 02:22 am
My piggie doesn't even pay attention to it, the only time i have ever seen him do anything with that corner piece is climb inside like it was a bed.