View Full Version : Mouth What is on Pickle's Lip?

07-13-13, 01:35 pm
Sometimes Pickle gets little crusties on his bottom lip that come off easily, but this is larger and not easily removed. I guess I assumed before that they were just from moisture on his lip, like he eats a cherry tomato everyday and gets it all over his face and i figured it was chapped from that, but I feel like this wasn't from that. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks.


07-14-13, 01:17 am
It came off tonight, but boar glue, really? He does not have a cage mate.

07-14-13, 05:26 am
My oldest boar has taken to enjoying a little bit of 'personal time' and always ends up with glue around his mouth. It looks just like it.

07-14-13, 12:29 pm
Oh jeez lol. I was worried it was some kind of growth or infection, so I'm relieved it isn't that. Thanks for your help.

07-14-13, 12:36 pm
I was thinking boar glue too, or maybe some dried veggie juice.

07-14-13, 04:29 pm
Haha oh no. The one nasty I thought I hadn't dealt with with these boys and here it is all stuck to his mouth! Well boars will be boars I suppose...