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08-16-02, 06:45 pm
Well, now that I've found this forum..I'm just tearing it up with all my newbie questions. I'm upset because one of my brand new piggies seems to have some sort of eye irritation. I noticed this afternoon that her eye looked a wee bit watery and was not open all the way. After searching thru her cage, I found several sharp pieces of hay in her timothy hay and wondered if this could be the cause or if she got something in there. I flushed her eye to see if it helps. The timothy hay I got was made by Kaytee and bought at Petsmart. I'm going to order some Oxbow hay tonight. After looking thru the hay, I couldn't believe how many sharp pieces there were. Does everyone else have to look thru their hay before feeding? Does anyone here that uses Oxbow hay have to do this especially? Thanks yet again!!


08-21-02, 10:31 am
You should really take your piggers to the vet when you first get them, just to make sure they are ok and to ask a bunch of questions and establish a file for your piggers in case of emergency. We just did that with ours and feel much better. They will also show you how to trim their nails.

08-29-02, 08:33 am
I have been using the Kaytee timothy hay for several months and hadn't noticed the sharp pieces until recently. The past 2 bags I bought (at PetSmart) have had sharp pieces in them that I removed before putting them into the hay racks. I don't know if it was a specific batch of hay that was like that or if the quality of the hay has just gone down.

I think that the Oxbow hay should be ok but you might wait for replies from others who have used it. There is a certain type of cut which is supposed to be better than the other. Check the section of the cavycages site that deals with hay as it discusses the different cuts of hay and which is better.

If the Kaytee hay continues to have sharp pieces I will also order from Oxbow or APD. Can't have our piggies getting hurt!!!

08-30-02, 08:54 am
I just opened up another bag of Kaytee hay and noticed that this bag did NOT contain sharp pieces. I looked at the date on the back of the old bag (the almost empty one I was going to throw away which had sharp pieces) and noticed that the date was different than on the new bag of hay. Hopefully it was just that batch of hay that contained sharp pieces and not diminished quality of the hay in general.

09-04-02, 06:02 pm
Wow! Scary! I had a bag of Oxbow and didn't notice anything sharp, but I just bought Kaytee and am worried. I think I will order the fresh-from-the-farm hay Cavy Spirit talks about...

cavy owner
11-03-02, 02:13 pm
Cavies are very sencitive to drafts and when there is a draft thier eyes water, so check for drafts where your cage is placed