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07-11-13, 06:08 pm
When I got my son's guinea pig "Penny" we bought the store bought cage. Of course after research we upgraded to the Midwest guinea pig habitat. But then we had this smaller cage, so I decided to attach the smaller cage to the Midwest habitat and use a ramp. I used zipties to keep them together. Now the old cage is the kitchen area and the midwest is the Living area. "Penny and Amy" seem to like all the extra room. What do you all think?

07-11-13, 06:12 pm
I think using it as a kitchen is a good idea! I also have a store bought cage but mine is just being used to store other things in now that I have a C&C. My store bought is the largest store bought that I could find, so I'm thinking I should probably donate it to the local shelter? I mean, I know that it is best if the shelters use C&C, but I think that this is very difficult as they have limited space (well especially the one here, I kind of live in a small town). It would at least be an upgrade from the extremely small store bought cage, right? Idk.

07-11-13, 06:12 pm
looks awesome, I have used mine for a kitchen attachment before also

07-11-13, 06:15 pm
That's a really clever idea! When I got my C&C, I used my pet store cage as a place to stay when I was cleaning. Now it's in the basement along with an old bunny cage and about 6 hamster cages. :)

07-22-13, 06:42 pm
th52813ats an awesome idea! i used to do something similar, i dont have it now as i had to move upstairs ^^'' It was some grids, and a enclosure, unfortunatly, i dont have the grids or the enclosure anymore x.x but im making my C&C soon ;)

09-26-13, 05:04 am
Where did you get the red cage?