View Full Version : My pig runs!

08-23-05, 05:05 am
Well I just got a boar short haired pig and I decided to let him run out in our field area and eat some uncut grass. So i let him relax and he sprints! I caught him but I don't want to talk him outside now because im afriad i will lose him. What should I do?

08-23-05, 08:53 am
You need to have an enclosed place for him. Build him a closed (top) run out of cubes. That's what I have and my girls love it. It's doesn't have to be too big. Mine is 5x6 cubes.

Also, have you thought about getting your boar a same-sex friend? Guinea pigs thrive on companionship.

08-23-05, 09:57 am
They can be squirmy, squigly, sprinting little beasts. Have to be careful at all times. Cubes as mentioned is a great idea. They also sell a pet playground pen. Its smaller cubes already attached. Just place on floor and hook the ends together and place your piggy in it. It is not as high as the regular grids so I am not sure about piggies jumping over them. Mine never have.