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08-23-05, 01:32 am
1st C&C Cavy cage and I am so proud of myself I have taken some photos and will post them tomorrow but now is time for bed as I am wiped out now after 11 hour day at work and about 3 hours on thier new home :D. I want feed back on my cage set up so feel free to suggest.

08-23-05, 09:27 am
As promised here are the photos of my newly finished 1st time project. I am COMPLETELY open to suggestions and constructive criticism.


08-23-05, 09:37 am
Below: My ramp made using corrogated tubing from home depot

08-23-05, 09:37 am
Below: My Cage with the top storage bins added to keep all the piggy stuff such as food, hay, spare towels and such.http://www.combatsituation.com/challenge/storage top.jpg

08-23-05, 09:38 am
Below: Wire Grid Tunnel made by bending a grid at the 3 square line on each of 2 sides to make a tunnel.http://www.combatsituation.com/challenge/wiregridtunnel.jpg

08-23-05, 09:39 am
I am still looking for unique ideas for pigaloos and the such. I have picked up some fiber moss made from pure aspen wood fibers from the art/crafts section of walmart. I am curious if it is safe to cover the tunnel with it as the contents read just wood fibers no coatings or anything. Any ideas.

08-23-05, 09:43 am
You don't need a support under a 1x2 loft, it'll hold up itself. But later if you add the other 1x2 to make a 2x2 loft you'll need a support for it.

Otherwise it's a great cage! I wish I had space for a 2x5.

08-23-05, 09:45 am
The aspen should be fine to cover the tunnel with. Other options are sea grass, bamboo or willow. Sometimes you can find placemats made of this stuff on sale and they work GREAT.

For other hidey house ideas go here http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showgallery.php?cat=519&password You should find lots of ideas. I'm especially fond of DaCourts bowl pigloo bunkbed idea. It's in those pictures somewhere.

The cage looks great. Good job.

08-23-05, 09:46 am
It looks fabulous. Your piggies will love it. You can always add on or change it down the road. What is on the ramp, can't tell? Is that fiddles sticks?

08-23-05, 10:33 am
I used dowel rods zip tied to each side of ramp tubing to give support and stop any sagging as the tubing is pretty flexible.

08-23-05, 10:34 am
Thank you voodoo got some ideas flowing again :D

08-23-05, 10:36 am
I just noticed. Dacourts bunkbed is under "Bunkbeds" here http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showgallery.php?cat=538&password=

soph x x
08-23-05, 02:55 pm
wow it really good well done. your pigs will love it!!