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07-09-13, 03:45 pm
okay, I might as well introduce myself while im here, But I do have a question, So I will ask it later.
Uhm, My name is kendra, I currently have one piggie (Put planning on getting a new one soon) who turned 2 in june! :) im 14 years old. My guinea pig , Sophie, Now has a 2 level 1x3 c&c Cage. I know. 1x3.
but my mom ordered the new one without me knowing and said it looked 'Neater' and 'takes up less space'. I did have a 2x4. Anyways! here is My question!

So, as you know i have a new (Very narrow -.-) Guinea pig cage. it has a ramp. Its two levels. so, im hoping she will get curious and just run up the ramp. she goes a little ways up it, where her whole body is on the ramp, but only to chew on the ramp, and run Cutely back down it. Its so adorable :) but, will she ever go up there? or will she just stay down on the bottom level forever?
Thanks in Advance!
xx Kendra

07-09-13, 03:46 pm
She will eventually go on an adventure and go up it. You can have vegetables leading up there though.

07-09-13, 03:53 pm
Thanks! (:

07-09-13, 03:58 pm
Put food up there. A way to a piggies heart is through its stomach. Might as well take advantage of that. :D

07-09-13, 05:05 pm
Thank you!! :D