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07-08-13, 07:09 pm
Hello all,
So I'm having some frustrations with my cage. At the time I am unable to make a C&C cage. So I was thinking about getting the Midwest Guinea pig habit. Right now he is a regular cage, but I don't think it's enough room. I am having surgery this week and I will be unable to take care of cleaning his house for at least 3 weeks, so I am trying to make it the least stressful on Yofie and for my husband to clean. I've been experimenting with fleece, however, I noticed that Yofie's tushie is always wet! Also he likes to move the fleece and pee on the uhaul pad! I did the care fresh bedding and didn't have these issues. I should also mention that Yofie is a long hair piggie lol If I use the Midwest cage can I still use the care fresh? I noticed it had a canvas bottom so I didn't want to keep washing that either. It's very important to me that Yofie is taken care of while I recover. Yofie is really my Guinea and my husband "puts up with the critter."

Thanks everyone!!

07-08-13, 07:27 pm
If your pig is always wet, it might be that your fleece isn't wicking away the moisture well enough. You have to wash and dry your fleece at least 3 times before you can use it in your cage, and you can't use fabric softener when you wash it. As for the the fleece moving, I lay my fleece over my towels and then I drape the sides over the sides of my C&C cage base and clip it with binder clips so that it won't move, and my pigs can't get under it. I don't know much about the Midwest cage, but you should be able to hold it in place somehow.

Hopefully you can figure out your situation soon and have a safe surgery and recovery :)

07-08-13, 07:37 pm
Usually when someone else is going to be taking care of my pigs, I make it as easy as I can. It's easier to clean out a cage with disposable bedding once a week than it is to sweep out poops twice a day and launder the fleece.

Yes, you can use disposable type bedding in Midwest cages, like Carefresh, wood pellets, shavings, etc.

07-08-13, 08:23 pm
My husband and I thought of draping the fleece and securing it after I posted I did wash the fleece 3 times, no fabric softer. We use the Method laundry soap (it's fragrance and dye free). My husband did agree to sweep out the poops daily and change his fleece every few days. He knows that I worry about Yofie! However, I'm totally fine with the 6 year old being taken care of lol.