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11-12-02, 05:01 am
i ordered some cell-sorb plus and i really like it because it's pellets. this means it stays put in the cage instead of getting everywhere like carefresh's "flakes".

however, i can't find cell-sorb plus locally, and the cost of shipping it to me is too high.

i am thinking about trying out yesterday's news cat litter, but i have a couple questions. is it more pellet-like or flaky? on their website i also noticed that they have "original" and "softer texture" varieties -- does anyone know which would be better for cavies?

12-07-02, 02:17 pm
I don't have an answer to what you are aksing, but I would recomend using yesterady's news ferret litter. I like it because it's recyclled paper and its pellets. It absorbs very well and stays put too. Hope that helps.

Briana D
12-07-02, 11:19 pm
I believe The Ferret Store sells Cell-Sorb. If you are in the USA and your order is over $25 you get free shipping. You might want to look into that.

The Ferett Store - theferretstore.com/ (http://theferretstore.com/)

Cell-Sorb - store.yahoo.com/theferret...lbcel.html (http://store.yahoo.com/theferretstore/28qt205lbcel.html)