View Full Version : New here! Say hi to our piggy, Samantha!

07-06-13, 04:24 pm

My husband and I both had guinea pigs when we were kids, and about a year ago, we got a guinea pig for our 7 year old son since he wanted a pet and seemed curious about guinea pigs. He picked her out at the pet store (which I know now is not the best choice) and named her Samantha. She just had her 1st birthday on July 1st (we're not sure of her "real" birthday, but we guessed it based on how old she was when we bought her). Samantha started out in a store-bought cage, but not long after getting her, we switched to a 2x3 C&C home for her, which she loves. I am looking forward to learning more and passing that info along to our son.

I'd like to post a picture of her, but am unsure how to right now.

07-06-13, 04:26 pm
Aha....I figured it out quickly......here she is just the other day on her birthday! Samantha is glad to be here!


07-06-13, 04:40 pm
A couple of things I forgot:

We are looking into getting another guinea pig so she has a companion......probably in the next month or so. We'd probably have to upgrade her home to a 2x4 instead of a 2x3 and we'd definitely want another girl because we don't want any breeding.

Samantha's favorite treats are cucumbers, watermelon rind, carrots, and green peppers! She also likes all kinds of lettuce, radicchio, apples, peaches, radishes, and canteloupe rind.

07-06-13, 07:04 pm
She is just precious! Welcome!

07-06-13, 07:17 pm
Welcome! She's a cutie, and I'm glad to share a given name to something so cute( much cuter than I am!) She could be my (Piggy ) Twin!
I hope you learn lots here! It's a group of wonderful people!!

07-06-13, 08:30 pm
Hi and welcome! Samantha is adorable!

07-06-13, 08:35 pm
She's so cute- and shares my birthday!

07-06-13, 08:43 pm
She is a cutie for sure.

07-06-13, 08:49 pm
Welcome, she is so cute!!! I hope you find lots of useful information here.

07-06-13, 09:01 pm
Welcome to the forum hope you stick around! And she is so cute!!! (:

07-07-13, 12:23 am
Aaaw, what a sweet little girl! Welcome! You'll find everyone is friendly and full of great ideas here!