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08-22-05, 11:23 am
A little while ago, my friend called to tell me her pig Wolfie died. Wolfie is the same age as my Temporary, which is approximately 3ish. My friend noticed Wolfie was suddenly lethargic, so she rushed her to the vet. During the exam, she stopped breathing and was placed in an oxygen tank. The vet squeezed Wolfie in for an xray and discovered her lungs were filled with fluid. The xray also revealed Wolfie's stomach and chest cavity were filled with air, and right after the decision was made to euthanize her, she died in the oxygen tank. :weepy: The final diagnosis was lung cancer, actually, although I never would have suspected that. Anyway, see you at the bridge, Wolfie.

08-22-05, 11:27 am
Poor Wolfie! I'm sorry he had to go, but at least it was fast. Cancer is a tough disease. My avatar pig, Deacon, died from Pancreatic Cancer. I feel for your friend. A sudden loss of a great pet is difficult.

08-22-05, 11:28 am
I'm sorry for your friends loss. It must be frightening having a friend lose a GP the same age as yours so suddenly. At least there was a reason behind the death and your friend did all she could.

08-22-05, 11:41 am
The scary part is that she initially didn't know if Wolfie was sick or if she was just being a bit quirky. For some reason, everytime something new was added to the cage, Wolfie would stop eating. Once, when she got a new water bottle, she drank continuously and refused to eat, which, of course, meant off to the vet to start nursing Wolfie back to health. She's also had other similar episodes. Last night, my friend added a new pigloo to the cage, and at first, when she stopped eating, it seemed she was up to her old habit. Luckily, she caught on that something just wasn't right and rushed her to the vet. I'm still baffled at Wolfie's behavior, though. I've never known a pig to have such odd issues with objects added to a cage. Anyone ever experience that?

08-22-05, 12:47 pm
I'm sorry for you're friend's loss. Rest well, Wolfie. :)

And no, that is bizarre behaviour and I've never seen a pig act like that. Weird.

08-22-05, 02:05 pm
I am sorry to hear of Wolfie's passing.