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12-18-02, 08:58 am
I have a one year old rescue piggie that I adopted about a month ago. They told me that he is allergic to wood beddings and that he would have to be kept on Carefresh. He is in a separate cage from our other piggies because it's only a 2x4 cage with three pigs already in it, and because we're using kiln dried pine right now. I'm not happy with the Carefresh in his cage. It's a large store bought rabbit cage, I'm planning on building another C&C cage. The morning after cleaning his cage it already looks and smells awful. Poops sit right on top of Carefresh and it seems to stay wet and never dry out.

My question is, does anyone have a recommendation for a bedding, maybe pelleted, that would work for my little guy? I need something he won't be allergic to, but that will help with the smell and poop situation. I currently clean the cage every 4 or 5 days, and I use half a bag of Carefresh (50 liter) each time. It's also costing more than I would like.

Please help?!?!?!!?


12-18-02, 10:53 am
Have you tried a product called "Yesterday's News"? It is a pelleted paper-based recycled newspaper litter. I think it's mostly marketed for cats, but it doesn't have any additives, filler, or fragrance so it should work. I used it for a cat for a while and it worked great, but of course cost more than clay litters so I switched back - I think it would be cheaper than carefresh though.

www.theferretstore.com (http://www.theferretstore.com) has pelleted litters, and other recycled paper litters like cell-sorb plus and one 'ferret litter' that sounds exactly like Yesterday's News.

12-18-02, 11:43 am
Thanks, I was considering trying Yesterday's News. Maybe I could use a mix of that and Carefresh. I'll check it out.