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07-03-13, 09:23 pm
Hello everyone my name is Desiree and I currently own 4 wonderful guinea pigs all of which are boars
Sherman Wayne Valero: Abyssinian approx. 6 months old with 5 rosettes. Colors are white and gray
Nelly Valero: American short hair approx. 5 months old. Coat colors are black white and tan. Face is white on the left and black on the right
Emma Valero: American short hair approx. 3 months old. Colors are brown and tan. Brown being the main
and finally my newest arrival
Alberto Valero: American short hair approx. 4 weeks old. Albino. Red eyes with a pink circle
I have owned guinea pigs off and on for some years now and I absolutely adore the pigges! All of them are rescues. They came from a hoarding situations so I am absolutely delighted to have them. They all have already gotten used to me. The baby has actually become attached himself to the oldest guinea baby. They have all been vet cleared and are doing very well. And since I have gotten them actually have gained and maintained their weight. Hopefully more updates to come. And soon some pictures. I also have a video of my littlest one Alberto chirping for about 45 seconds. It was when he first came and I have no idea why he did it but he has not done It since. I am under the impression that chirping is a rare sound to hear? is that true. Well it sounded just like a bird and it was beautiful. :o

07-03-13, 09:54 pm
Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here there are many nice friendly and welcoming people! You sound like an amazing piggie owner (: with chirping there are many people who have said they've never heard it but then there are others such as me who hear it ALL the time and some only hear it once or every now and then no one is quite sure what it means but its quite a sound to hear!

07-03-13, 10:03 pm
thank you! I hope to have many friends here. Everyone seems so nice I cant wait to see what this site has to offerm

07-03-13, 11:00 pm
Welcome to the forum.
My girls are going in 2yrs old. They had never chirped until a few nights ago. A couple if weeks before I had heard soft chirping & after listening a few minutes before it stopped, decided it must be some kind of insect or a bird that hadn't gone to bed (!). So a few nights ago, I had put out the lights, was just about drifting off when I heard soft chirping again, I lay listening, then it got louder & went on for at least 10 minutes. I decided to investigate, as it sounded so close, then realised it was in the living room where the girls are. I stood listening before I switched the light on. Immediately the chirping stopped, both girls were outside their hideys, but I never found out which one had been chirping. I haven't heard it again so far.
It's a lovely sound, isn't it? I don't think anyone really knows what it means; I doubt it's a negative.

07-03-13, 11:30 pm
your guinea baby's are soooo very cute oldnewie