View Full Version : Guinea Pig Quandry!

07-01-13, 11:30 pm

I am relatively new to the world of piggies and would greatly appreciate any help or advice given. I have two boars called Wicket and Chewie who are about 9 months old. Wicket is the dominant one in the pair who live in a 4 x 2 c&c cage with 2x2 loft. I have recently taken on two 3 month old (or thereabouts) boars currently being housed separately - just waiting on new 4 x 2 c&c cage. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of being able to house the youngsters cage in a different room. Wicket has been wheaking more than usual and is very curious about the contents of the other cage, Chewie isn't bothered!! When out and about having floor time Wicket is constantly trying to peer in to their cage - at the moment the youngsters are very shy and are often cuddled up in one of their hides. Is Wicket's behaviour something I should be concerned about? I am very hesitant about making any introductions down the line as Chewie and Wicket get along fine and I don't want to risk any piggie being excluded from a possible group, which I have read can happen. With regards to floor time Wicket and Chewie currently have the run of our spare room for anywhere between 2 - 8 hours day depending on work constraints. I was planning on having a routine where Wicket and Chewie are out for four hours and the youngsters then have there four hours respectively, but using the same room - will the different scents of both pairs be an issue for them?

Thanking any repliers in anticpation.....