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07-01-13, 12:48 pm
My family and I fell in love with guinea pigs when we'd bring home our daughters class guinea pig for the weekends. We finally decided to get our own guinea pig. We decided to get one from Petsmart ( I know!). Anyways we found an adorable girl that they thought was 6-8 weeks old. We named her Millie and she was as sweet as could be and we all instantly fell in love with her. It was amazing that in just a few days that we saw her going from running from us to just being still waiting for us to pick her up. After several days, we noticed her head tilting and then we noticed her falling over. She just didn't look well at all. Petsmart has that 14 day health guarantee but we were worried that if we took her there and waited for her to get treatment that we may never see her again. I just couldn't bear to take her back for a refund and get a replacement like it was a wrong size shirt. We called our vet and they got us in immediately. Our vet discovered that she had fluid in her eardrum and an inner ear infection. She is now on her 3rd day of antibiotics. Our vet told us that it may take awhile before we see an improvement. Her activity level does seem to be a little better and she has always been a great eater. The problem is that I've noticed a huge change in her behavior since going to the vet. It was a traumatic experience for her as I'm sure the exam was extremely painful. She does not want me to hold her...she wriggles and bites my fingers when she just used to love to cuddle with me. Yesterday I also changed her bedding to a very soft fleece instead of using the other bedding. I thought she would love it. When she got back into her cage, she seemed to go crazy....she ran around like she was looking for something, went into her "house" and was going in circles. I think she hates the fleece. She is calmer today but still does not want me to hold her. Did the vet just traumatize her and this is why she acting differently? I truly feel like she is mad at me. I feel like we really had her used to us and now instead of just acting timid she is angry. Any opinions/help is greatly appreciated!

07-01-13, 01:02 pm
Awe poor piggy:( shes probably tramatized and in pain, she's also knew to your family and it can take a guinea pig moths or a year to get use to there owners and will mostly always run away when you go to hold them because that's there nature and there defense system! Are you sure she doesn't like the fleece because you tube Guinea pig running and popcorning to see if that's what your girls doing! Guinea pigs popcorn when there really happy and run around and in circles and jump! It's showing that she's so happy! So if you don't know what popcorning is definitely youtube it so u can understand when you see it (: good luck with her ear and just give her time and many veggies and she will warm up to you! Here's a link by the forums previouse moderater it's food guinea pigs should have everyday, somedays and never!


07-01-13, 01:23 pm
Poor piggy! Ear infections aren't fun for anyone. :(
I'm not sure about the anti-social behavior after the vet, but the running around on the fleece etc. is normal-- my piggies do that whenever I change their cage! To them, it's an exciting new environment to explore, even though it's really the same cage. It doesn't sound like she hates the fleece, it sounds like she loves it! :)