View Full Version : 1st time Cavy owner, made mistakes. Now dealing with ringworm. HELP!

07-01-13, 10:55 am
Hello everybody, I am new to this site and guinea pig ownership. As many people do, I got our 1st guinea pig from Petsmart with small cage without doing proper research. After countless days of internet searches, I realized the mistakes I made. I then began to try correcting them. I got a 2x4 cage, started giving good quality pellet food, gave fresh veggies everyday and started looking to get cagemate. In the meantime my little piggie was incubating ringworm. We took her right to the vets where they did a culture and sent us home with antifungal cream. We cleaned everything with bleach/water solution. After only two days of medication and Penny's hair was already growing back. Our vet said it was safe to get another guinea pig, but to keep her seperated for two to three weeks, then indroduce them. My question is should I wait longer before indroducing them. They are both female and very young. My vet estimated Penny to be 2-3 months old and Amy is smaller than her, so I figure 1-2 months old. Any advise would be very much appreciated. We have all fell in love with these little gals and only want whats best for them.

07-01-13, 11:38 am
2 weeks is a fine quarantine time.

Good on you for correcting all of this!

Pigtures are an unspoken necessity around here, and we'd love to see your girls :) Welcome, from me and my 3 girls.

07-01-13, 11:58 am
Thanks!! I have some pictures of them on my profile.

Talking Cavy
07-01-13, 12:23 pm
Welcome from me and my boy!

07-01-13, 12:27 pm
good job on correcting your mistakes, it's a good learning experience :)

it sounds better to introduce them young as i imagine less dominance issues popping up, but it's also good for piggies to have company :D the 3 week quarantine is important though and shouldn't be skipped

Little One
07-01-13, 12:44 pm
2 weeks is usually a pretty good length as long as both pigs are healthy. If you're nervous 3 weeks is plenty.

And a warm welcome to the forum from me and my 2 boys!! :)

07-01-13, 01:24 pm
Hello! It is so great to see people who learn more about pigs and don't turn a blind eye, but instead, with their new found knowledge, decide to give their pig/s a better life! I am so glad that you've come to the forum; we love to talk!

Hello there from me and my 2 piggies, 1 neutered boy and 1 girl. :)