View Full Version : Rabbit chased by dogs

07-01-13, 07:56 am
We're looking after two buns for a friend, and about an hour ago one escaped from her run in the garden. None of the other bunnies got out (ours or our friends). My sister rushed out to grab her, but the dogs slipped through the door and chased her onto the street (the garden's not fenced in). They didn't actually catch her, luckily.

We caught her and took her to the vet, who wiped up the scratches on her nose, she said that Spice seemed fine but she might be in a bit of shock, and to bring her in again if she gets worse. We're keeping an eye on her at the moment.

I know we have to keep her eating regularly in case her digestive system shuts down, but what else should we look for, and what are the symptoms of shock in rabbits? And also does anyone know of any good rabbit forums I could ask on.

07-01-13, 09:47 am
You could try binkybunny.com. Shock tends to manifest as lethargy and seeming to be "spaced out" in bunnies after this kind of trauma. I'd just let her be by herself as much as possible in a cool, darkish room for the time being, make sure she has plenty of hay and water and maybe veggies. Try to make sure she's eating without disturbing her or upsetting her further. If you have the supplies, I'd suggest giving her a subcue - they really tend to help an animal bounce back. Good luck!

07-01-13, 10:23 am
Thank you! Earlier she did seem to be lethargic, sitting in one spot and not really reacting to anything. She seems to have perked up a bit now and has hopped about a bit and nibbled on some parsley, we're hoping she'll be fine tonight.