View Full Version : New to forum and Guinea Pigs introducing me and Buntz

Stephen Chapman
06-30-13, 05:02 pm
Hello every Iam Ste Iam 38 married dad of 4 and recently a friend of mine who had 3 6 month old boars, one named Buntz was dominating and causing damage to his 2 brothers, the vet advised to remove Buntz so he asked if I could take him. I agreed knowing that my kids had loved meeting them on visits. Went out and bought a 3' Hutch which I didnt feel was right for him and after doing a lot of researching decided to make my own C&C cage for him. I would like to slowly introduce him to a younger boar soon as he is quite nervous but has been squeeking and popcorning about, he is eating well and was and is comfy being handled, its been a fun two weeks since we brought him home and the kids adore him and are taking good care to keep his house clean. His house has changed slightly this took this will update again soon.

06-30-13, 05:15 pm
Welcome! It's great to have a new member on here! :)

I love your cage! Where did you get that donut? It's very cute.

I wish you and your pig very good luck!

Stephen Chapman
07-01-13, 12:10 am
Thanks very much it is a Simpsons Donut won it out of one of those grabbing machine in arcades :D he loves just sitting on it haha

07-01-13, 12:25 am
Hello and welcome!

Happy to hear Buntz is doing well and enjoying his new house :) He's a gorgeous piggy. We need more photos of Buntz :D

07-01-13, 06:58 am
He is very cute. :)