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06-29-13, 05:48 pm
Hey everyone! I'm katherine and I'm 27 years old! I got my first guinea pig (a little over a year ago now...time flies!) as a wedding present from my husband :) He is a guinea pig freak too lol he used to have a herd of 8 boars and he only has one left now :sad: poor little guy is almost nine...but still a little fluffy fireball!

As of right now we still just have the two boars but we just moved into our house and now we have room to expand! Our two amazingly wonderful agouti texels are Seth and Sid! Seth is the old guy, the chocolate agouti and Sid is the little hyper silver agouti :)

We both love texels so much! How can anyone not like that much fluff??

06-30-13, 07:16 pm
Hooray! Our herd plans are going to be happening sooner than expected! Our local rescue (which happens to be run by my mother in law) busted a backyard breeder last night and so there will be plenty of babies and boars. We're going to help her tonight once they get back and pick up a few foster boys that might just stay :)

06-30-13, 07:51 pm
Nice. Good for you. Your little piggers are adorable. I love their fluff! Welcome to the forum, we are very glad to have you! Post pics of some of your new boys once you get them, and good luck! :)


07-02-13, 07:13 pm
Hey! Sorry the past few days have been hectic with settling in the new guys here and at the rescue! But here are the new boys/foster boys! The two Abyssinian babies are only fosters but the other two pigs the teddy (who we need a name for!) and Ozzie the aby are staying! As long as intros go well! Fingers crossed!

07-02-13, 07:29 pm
Oh my gosh, they all are so adorable!!! I especially love your teddy! What about the name Teddy or Bear or Fozzy.(sorry, not too original, just a thought.) I'd like to get a teddy if we ever get any more piggies.

07-02-13, 09:00 pm
Awww! How can those pictures not bring a smile to anyone's face? They're adorable.

07-02-13, 09:24 pm
Oh my goodness, they are too cute!!! I would name the the two little ones Hershey and Snickers, they're so sweet you could eat them up. lol Good luck with them and your fosters.

07-03-13, 08:52 am
We've have been wanting a teddy for a long time as well! When little Charlie (my sister in law thought of it!) came to us we were very excited!

07-03-13, 09:43 am
Your new babies are just too cute! Everyone knows how I love Abys. :love: Good thing I don't know where you live........I'm inclined to pignap.

I have to admit that Sid is just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I had no idea that an Agouti could be so adorable......but then, I don't think I have actually ever seen or held one.

Talking Cavy
07-03-13, 11:15 am
They are sooooo adorable! And I like the suggestions Fozzie and Hershey and Snickers!

07-04-13, 02:04 pm
Thanks everyone! As you have probably guessed, we search far and wide for texels and Teddys because we really love fluff! We are about as obsessed as you can get with them! When we go on vacations we check the local rescues and we always search Craigslist! It sometimes takes patience but we find them haha.

Anyway, we took all the new guys to the vet and we already all healthy! What a relief right? We are going to do introductions this week once we put the final touches on our cages! We plan on putting the four boars in a 4x10 and might add a loft! In so excited to put them all together! There is a 2x6, a 2x4, and a 2x5 all in our living room right now!

07-04-13, 04:11 pm
They are so fluffy I'm gonna die!!! lol I love the poofyness!

07-05-13, 12:55 pm
We did introductions of the four boars today, and all went smooth!! Phew! So they are all running around their new 4x10 today! Veggie time was crazy this morning if you can imagine that! the four boars plus the two foster bubs along with three others in quarantine! It was fun though and I can't wait until it all settles down into a routine!

07-05-13, 05:21 pm
omgosh they are so adorable good luck with rehoming them.

07-05-13, 06:01 pm
4x10! I think that is the size of my room! :D They are living better than I am! lol

07-06-13, 10:47 am
Haha well we have a guinea pig room right now so everyone can live large! Haha our house is too big for us right now but with a baby on the way hopefully it'll start getting filled up!

07-07-13, 09:09 pm
Congrats! That's exciting!