View Full Version : New Cavy Owner, never had one before need lots of advice!!!

Butterfly Dancing
10-03-02, 11:15 pm

I'm new to the world of Guinea Pigs and I need lots of advice. I just bought my first a male with chewed up ears (he's soo cuuute!). I bought everything the pet store told me I'd need, now i just wanna know how often does he need a bath, what kind of toys etc to buy, and especially how long it takes for him to get adjusted to me and my family. Any advice will be very very welcome.


10-04-02, 01:29 pm
Please read www.cavyspirit.com for all the information you need to know about guinea pigs. Pet stores can give misinformation, sell you too small of a cage, and sell you sick animals. Also, you might want to consider adopting (not buying) a friend for your new pal as guinea pigs are social animals.

Butterfly Dancing
10-04-02, 02:00 pm
Cool. Thanks!

10-10-02, 11:05 am
Most likely your gp will not need a bath unless it has a problem with mites or other skin conditions. I would keep an eye on his ears, if they have been chewed on they could get infected. Also a visit to a vet probably isn't such a bad idea, just so you can see where you stand with him. If you do adopt a friend for him, make sure it is of the same sex or you get him neutered and you adopt a female. Great advice from Yaelcow....Good luck with your new found friend!!!

cavy owner
11-03-02, 02:06 pm
GP's should have baths even wothout the conditions
semcavylover mentioned, you dont need to do it often, about 2-3 times a year

11-07-02, 05:23 pm
I give my guinea pigs a bath frequently. Some of them actually like being in the sink with 1-2 inches of water, and some of my other cavies don't like it at all! When to bathe a guinea pig depends on if your guinea pig is dirty or not. Mine don't neccessarily get dirty too often, but they do get baths. It's just a personal preference of mine :)

12-24-02, 10:33 am
I give my guinea a bath when ever I clean his cages which is every week.

12-24-02, 04:23 pm
You really shouldn't be bathing guinea pigs frequently. Once a week is way too much. Once every few months is plenty IF they even need it. Longer haired guinea pigs just need occassional butt baths inbetween.

12-24-02, 04:25 pm
<strong>THE BEST</strong> place to go for beginners is this care guide: guinealynx.info/healthycavy.html (http://guinealynx.info/healthycavy.html)

My site (www.cavyspirit.com) is good for certain information, but for a comprehensive yet summarized starter, the Guinea Lynx Care Guide has it all.