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06-29-13, 12:29 am
Hi everyone! I have no piggies yet but have been doing tons of research! I am going to rescue 2 or 3 ( what is your personal preference?) from Cavy Care Inc. in Aurora, CO! this is all going to happen in the next few weeks. I am trying to arrange my room to have the most space as possible and hopefully build a huge cage! I will at least have a 2x5 with a 2x1 hay,food, and water area in an L shape. what are some things you have learned having piggies that you didn't learn online/ researching?

06-29-13, 12:57 am
They squeak a lot in first week or so. XD They calm down a bit afterwards or at least mine did. You probably want to start out with 2 piggies then can add later on.

06-29-13, 06:23 am
Welcome! I'd say start with two as well :)

Something that I didn't learn online is that the pigs love it when you sing! With mine it's only certain slower songs, nothing too loud, fast, or high pitched. My piggies are picky when it comes to music :P

It's funny, when I first wrote an essay to my parents about getting a guinea pig, I said "I have this crazy vision of singing to my pig". It would later come true!

I also learned that not all guinea pigs like carrots. Deli will scarf them down, but Charlemagne takes a bite and spits it back out. Silly pig! :)

06-29-13, 07:45 am
Hey welcome to the forum! :) Hmm.. Well like with any pet just be ready for vet bills to come at any time and it can be really expensive so you will want to make sure you are able to rush them to the emergency vet in the middle of the night if you ever have to.

Buying accessories for their cage is completely addictive as well! lol I never expected to buy so many different colours and patterns of fleece for them. I love sewing so I'm always looking for new fabric to make hay bags, tunnels and cozies.

06-29-13, 11:36 am
Hi Samantha, you sound just like me since I don't have any Guinea pigs just yet either.I can't have pets where I live so I plan on moving next year so I can have pets. Welcome to the family of cavy crazy people. Jump right in, the forum is welcoming.