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08-21-05, 11:10 am
Rabbits Renamed "Poultry" by the USDA:
Your Help is Urgently Needed

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Like birds, rabbits will be slaughtered fully conscious.

A full-page ad in the July 28th edition of The New York Times (sponsored by The Humane Farming Association, Animal Rights International, and the Animal Welfare Institute) notes that the US Department of Agriculture has classified rabbits as "poultry" to avoid including them under the 1958 Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, from which "poultry" are excluded.

For more information, see the ad as a PDF (60k) at

http://www.hfa.org/about/rabbits.pdf (http://www.hfa.org/about/rabbits.pdf)

What Can I Do?

Please contact the USDA today and voice your dismay at this new classification of rabbits. While expressing your concern about rabbits, please urge the USDA that ALL farmed animals including chickens, turkeys, and ducks should be included under the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. Write to:

Mike Johanns, Secretary of Agriculture
US Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave SW
Room 200-A
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-720-3631
Fax: 202-720-2166
Email: [email protected] ([email protected])

Salutation: Begin your letter: Dear Secretary Johanns. Keep your letter to 3 paragraphs on one side of one page. Letters sent via regular mail may have more impact than an email – but all letters are better than no letter. Thank you.

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08-21-05, 04:10 pm
This is an absolute disgrace and a complete tragedy. I strongly urge all users of this forum who has a love for animals and these wonderful companions to get involved in this letter writing campaign. I, as a member of PETA will most assuredly make my voice heard.

Please help to stop this horrific torture and cruelty.

08-21-05, 04:12 pm
Please excuse my language but why the hell would someone do that?!?!

08-23-05, 07:53 am
People eat rabbits every day. Its what they were bred for in the first place. So who cares about some guy posting about butchering at the other forum. Like it or not they are considered a livestock animal by usda standards, and are used for that sort of thing. Farmers and breeders both eat them. It doesn't make it wrong just because pet owners and rescuers say so. I understand that some people aren't comfortable with that. And I am fine with it. But don't patronize someone else for not having the same view point that you do. If people ate more rabbits, believe it or not, there would be less bunnies ending up in shelters.

I think this kind of unbelieveable thinking should be on display here. You know, like they do at a freak show. Take a good look, people. :mad:

08-27-05, 12:26 am
Even if some people do consider rabbits livestock (which I do not) that is no excuse to torture them, because that is what that is, torture. It would be just as easy if not more so to kill them quickly and avoid them struggling and fighting. What is the point to butchering them while they're alive? What kind of person could even torture a rabbit like that?