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08-20-05, 07:43 pm
hey everyone:) i was wondering what kind of pellets are best for rabbits.


08-20-05, 07:47 pm
Alfalfa pellets are good and so are timothy pellets. Just try not to get any with a seed/nut mix. Plain pellets are best.

08-20-05, 08:29 pm
I use Oxbow Bunny Basics T for my rabbit who is over a year old.

Here is a great feeding guide for rabbits http://rabbit.org/faq/sections/diet.html

08-21-05, 09:18 am
VDJ is correct. You must use a timothy based pellet for adult bunnies. Alfalfa is far too rich in protein and calories and should only be fed to growing bunnies. Also in agreement with the no seeds and nuts. It is not good for a bunny's digestive tract. Avoid. Plain pellets only.

Oxbow Bunny Basics T is the best.