View Full Version : Introducing Ginger and Gypsy!

06-22-13, 11:35 am
We'll see if this works. Here's a few pics of our new girls, Ginger is the lighter colored Abby and Gypsy is the darker American. I wanted a pic of how big they were so that's my daughter, Ellie, holding each of them. You can see her twin brother, Cole's, tummy in the one picture of him holding Gypsy on his lap. lol We weighed them the other day and Gypsy is 35 oz and Ginger is 37.5 oz. They love their greens, especially Cilantro.

06-22-13, 12:02 pm
Oh my goodness, they're absolutely adorable! I love Ginger's aby fur! :D

06-22-13, 09:04 pm
They are adorable!