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Jenny Liddle
06-22-13, 09:30 am
Hi there!

I'm new to this forum and guinea pigs! We recently rescued a really lovely guinea pig and my daughters named her Princess Pretty Sparkle. The vet says she appears to be about 10 months old and was impressed with her sweet demeanor. She hasn't lived with us a full week yet so I don't have a feel for her personality except to say that she HATES to be picked up but once she's in your arms she'll snuggle in and chitter away. We currently have a pet store cage (*sad trombone sound*) but have been looking through the galleries here for ideas/plans for her new home. In my defense, it was the largest cage our little pet shop had in stock!

I've owned many pets but never guinea pigs, so this will be an adventure :) Expect lots of questions from me (us!)

admins, if you're reading, I registered with FB so I've got my real name. I sent an email a few days ago when I registered but I'm not sure it went through. I'd love to change my username to JennyEll. Thanks!

06-22-13, 09:40 am
Welcome, and most piggies hate to be picked up. I have to chase my into a tube or corner them but they settle when being held. Make sure you see the Cavy Nutrition chart. http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22156#post254730

Its very helpful to see what and how much in a week you can feed the piggies. You will be told unlimited hay, 1/8 cup of plain good quality pellets, 1 cup of fresh vegetables a day. I split mine am and pm feeding, before and after work, others do once a day.

Jenny Liddle
06-22-13, 09:48 am
Sweet! very helpful! I've given her a handful of peppers and she loved them. A bit timid at first, I think she'd never had real veggies :(
and here's a pic of Princess Pretty Sparkle, the Queen of Love! 50914

06-22-13, 09:56 am
Aww, she's gorgeous!

06-22-13, 10:08 am
She's a cutie, I love the block of colors on her too. White nails, you're very lucky, clipping will be easier since you can see the quick.

06-22-13, 10:42 am
Welcome! Your guinea pig is beautiful! A few good websites for guinea pig care is cavyspirit.com and guinealynx.com. Guinealynx is especially good at nutritional and veterinary needs, and it has a bunch of diseases listed with pictures so you can have an idea of what's going on.

Also, make sure you've got a good guinea pig vet. There's a "Vets" tab at the top of this page that's helpful, and there's also a few things you can do when you call to check if the vet is any good with guineas: http://www.guinealynx.info/vet.html. It's really important they know guinea pigs specifically since guinea pigs are exotics and vets who only know dogs and cats can misdiagnose illnesses (or miss them completely) and they can give guinea pigs dangerous drugs. Guinea pigs also tend to go downhill fast, so be sure to keep an eye on her!

She's a beautiful girl, and good for you for rescuing her!