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06-19-13, 10:48 pm
hi im baby,and i have a friend named piggy, he is really-you know what ill just let my owner type for us.

Hello there! My name is Baby and I am a guinea pig. I'm a girl- and don't you go calling me manly! I have a friend named Piggy, he's really fat, but he's sleeping right now so he can't say anything. He is lazy one, isn't he? But I am Baby! \I have this awesome cage which I run around and have fun in! Ill have Piggy type his later, but his cage is similar to mine. We both love our cages and our nice owner, she want's to type now.

Hello there! I am new to the site, so uhm..hi. I am not good at this >o<
Guinea pigs can't type, but I wish they could.
I shall write in their pov for most of the site, would be fun. c:

06-19-13, 11:56 pm
If guinea pigs could type I imagine it would look like this~


Hehe. Welcome to the forum! We'd love to see pictures of your adorable guineas! :D

06-20-13, 07:23 am
Welcome! As the wonderful Piggy_ has said, pigtures are a must! I think the piggy POV is really cute :) gets you thinking about who they really are, doesn't it? :)

06-20-13, 07:35 am
Welcome! Yes, pigtures please!

06-20-13, 08:22 am
Hello and welcome! I can't wait to see pictures of Baby and of Piggy too! My trio says hello.