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06-19-13, 02:31 pm
Hi, I'm Camden and I have 2 guinea pigs.
Fat Amy (one on the right)
and Pablo

Fat Amy is 12 weeks old and Pablo is a little over a year old. Fat Amy has 2 biological siblings (JJ and Peppers) JJ is photosavvy 's guinea pig and Peppers is her sisters guinea pig. She also has a half sibling Yuki who is yuki_sochasa 's guinea pig. They were all born on the same day and from the same father (JJ and Peppers share the some mother as her). Pablo is a little over a year old. My dad got him for me off of craigslist so I don't know who his relatives are. He had a cage-mate (Lenny) but he passed away in April.

06-19-13, 02:54 pm
All I can say is that Fat Amy's hairdo is ridiculously adorable :)
We welcome you and your piggies! We're all one happy family!

06-19-13, 03:50 pm
Is Pablo neutered?

06-19-13, 03:52 pm
Oh man, TacoBellWinnieP is certainly right! The male should be neutered or the female spayed. Otherwise the female could get (or already is) pregnant! Best of luck!

06-19-13, 04:16 pm
ohh, what adorable piggies! i too LOVE fat amy's hairdo ;)

although, to uselessly repeat what others have said, i hope they are neutered/spayed! <3

06-19-13, 05:21 pm
To answer everyone's question Pablo is not neutered and fat Amy is not spayed. They have a divider in the middle of the cage. I know this because Camden is my friend and as mentioned my pig is fat Amy's sister. :) as a matter of fact I'm piggy sitting his pigs on Sunday. :)

06-19-13, 05:26 pm
It only takes a few second for them to mate, just so you know.

06-19-13, 05:30 pm
He's well aware. The cage divider is quite secure and he doesn't give them floor time together. I've seen his cage there is wood around it so fat Amy can't get through and there are grids on top of the wood. Ill tell him to post a picture of it later.

06-19-13, 05:50 pm
And I am looking at the picture of them together or that her sister?

06-19-13, 05:55 pm
That's her brother jj

06-19-13, 06:27 pm
So is that a boy and girl together in the top picture?

06-19-13, 06:53 pm
Yes it is. That's my JJ and his fat Amy. JJ is pretty chill and doesn't try to get with fat Amy if you know what I mean. We kept them seperated except I wanted to do family pictures of them so we did those really quick with about four of us watching them outside.

06-19-13, 07:15 pm
Welcome from me and my 3 girls. Nice to see another fellow Floridian!

06-19-13, 07:18 pm
Welcome!! super cute piggies and I love their names :)

06-19-13, 07:55 pm
Ooh, okay. I suppose if they were TOTALLY supervised and you didn't turn your head even for a couple of seconds (they don't take that long to mate) then your sow might not be pregnant. Just...if you want family photos, can you spay or neuter either sex? That way you don't have any wiggle room for pregnancy.

You seem rather good in your intentions so I won't endlessly berate you for an honest mistake. You're doing great so far, keep it up! :)

06-19-13, 09:52 pm
Welcome to the forum! Very cute piggies :)