View Full Version : moving pads,kiln-pine,CareFresh & AgraFresh, BED pads?

01-02-03, 12:15 pm
I have questions related to previous posts here and other possible ideas.
1. Re: the moving pads- how did those ever work out for you guys?
2. I am wondering if those disposable bed pads for incontinent ill people would work for helping to reduce the amount of bedding needed. Has anyone ever tried that?
3. I am now using Carefresh, mixing a little pine in to extend it. For people who use some pine, are you buying it from livestock feed stores? That's what I do, it's alot cheaper. The brand I use is "Thorobred" and it says on their website that it is kiln-dried.
4.The CareFresh website says that they sell a horse bedding made of the same thing, called "AgraFresh". but I cannot locate a retailer.
I have discovered over the years that MANY products that are sold for horses are the EXACT same version of those sold for small pets, BUT the horse version is 10x cheaper- if not more- depending on the product.
So, if somebody could figure out how to obtain some AgraFresh bedding we could find out if that is just a HUGE bag of CareFresh- at a fraction of the cost!!
(Just DON'T tell the manufacturer that you want it for guineas, cuz I am sure they would not appreciate you finding a way "around" their pricing scam). They are representing the 2 products with equally safe qualities... all we'd have to do is verify that there is nothing else "added" to the horse version.
I sent them a letter asking where to obtain the Agrafresh, but haven't received a reply yet.
If nothing else, maybe a feedstore would stock it by request.

01-04-03, 06:51 pm
Well, I got email from the Carefresh/Agrafresh manufacturer- they said "We are not producing AgraFresh at this time. We have no plans to re-start production at this time."
I was hoping it would be just a cheaper bag of Carefresh.