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06-18-13, 09:29 am
Hi! I'm Hillary, and I am adopting a male pig this Sunday! I'm really excited to have a guinea pig again, as I had one as a kid. I'm 20, and live in WV, but go to school in NY. I do have a few questions. I am adopting one pig this weekend, but I want to rescue a friend for him soon. Any tips on how long I should wait, and how to introduce the two of them? Also I'm really interested in using fleece in the cage, so any info or opinions on that would be welcome!

Thanks!I'm very excited to meet all of you.

06-18-13, 09:37 am
Hi Hillary, I'm Michele and I'm really excited for you. Welcome to the family. I won't be that much help for you since I am totally in love with GPs, but don't have any YET. But from all the reading I've done on here, a lot of people suggest taking the pig with you to a shelter/rescue and let the piggie find it's own roommate. See who he gets along with and who he doesn't. But I'm sure the experts on here can give some other ideas as well. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the fleece, except that I'm going to want to use it as well when I get my little friends.

Good luck and jump right in, everyone here is awesome!!!!


06-18-13, 10:26 am
Hi! I'm LuisaSpike, I have two females, Luisa and Spike, hence the username. Look around the forum, there is soooooo much information on every topic about guinea pigs. For fleece, there is a whole section of the forum devoted to questions about fleece and bedding. Fleece is super easy. You just wash it with distilled white vinegar 3-5 times, and then you can sew it into a liner and put it in your cage. Technically, you are supposed to wash it until it "wicks", but I washed mine literally 15 times when I got it and the water still pooled on top. Eventually, I just said what the heck and put it in, and it worked just fine.

06-18-13, 11:37 am
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