View Full Version : Baby sow sisters are fighting ! please help!

06-18-13, 09:12 am
I just got two guinea pigs Bea and Genie and they are argueing all the time, they chatter at each other, every time one walks past another the other jumps up in defence , Bea has been trying to mount Genie and is rumbelstrutting and they are both just being horrible to each other. They are 12 weeks old.

They are sisters, they have always been together, i got them a week ago and they were in the cage with their mother before that.

They have had a fight inside the cage but i saw them and broke it up. I dont know if they have been fighting since that. I am checking for bites on them but they are a lunkarya and peruvian so their hair is very long.

My cage is not ideal. its 90 cm by 40 cm but I am in the process of getting a big outdoor cage built and they can sleep and play there when the weather permits. I live in Spain so Autumn and Spring should be fine for them.

Also I have a spare room which is closed off and safe I am letting them run around in about 10 hours a day which is loads of room. They popcorn and squeak and are super happy but even in this huge space, when they pass each other they give each other a little chatter and Bea rumble struts. They are always trying to sniff the other ones bottom!

I have thought about getting a c and c cage but I live in an apartment so its not ideal by any means, and with the spare room they can stretch their legs a lot . I think being on the terrace would be better because its a big empty space I can have a bigger cage. I know a lot of people dont like guinea pigs being outside but when i was little i had them outside and i lived in England and they were fine.