View Full Version : Hi and how about helping name my other piggy?!

06-15-13, 08:52 pm
So, I've been here a couple days but never got around to introducing myself, so here goes. I'm Allissa, a first time pig Mommy. I have three human babies though lol. A 5 year old, 4 year old and a 9 month old. I decided to get guinea pigs because we aren't allowed dogs where I live, and I'm not a cat person lol. So far, it's been stressful but rewarding as they get more and more used to be handled! I have named my first boy Henry, he's a black and white shorthair. Well, mainly white lol. My second I haven't named yet. He's also a shorthair it appears, but he is a calico. I'll post some pics, and would LOVE some name suggestions :)

He needs a name!!!!

Here is Henry :)

06-15-13, 09:01 pm
what kind of names do you like, more cute and cuddly that goes with his looks, or more of a personality name? (or a random name...)

06-15-13, 09:17 pm
Brown Piggie: Rugby
B&W Piggie: Oreo, Henry

06-15-13, 09:47 pm
What about William? ie Henry (Prince Harry's) older brother.

Or Rupert. He just...looks like a Rupert?

06-15-13, 10:16 pm
I like the name Jack with Henry.

06-15-13, 10:32 pm
My friends husbands name is Jack so that would be a no go lol. I don't know what kinds of names I like honestly. Just whatever seems to fit them! Henry fits the black and white one. He's kind of passive aggressive. The calico is timid and shy. Very easily startled. So I guess a gentle name for him.

06-16-13, 09:34 am
I'm horrible with names, but welcome!

06-16-13, 09:46 am
Alphie, Koda, Juniper, Olli, Peanut, Ralphie, Topaz, Walnut, Willie... that's all I have right now. :p But I think any of these would be cute for him! :D

Some more cute ones! Koby, Niko, Oakley, Pluto, Scuba, Wolfie, Abel.

06-16-13, 01:20 pm
NIKO!!!! Love it! Henry and Niko. Sounds good to me. :)

06-16-13, 01:59 pm
Aw, they make a cute pair! :D

06-16-13, 02:06 pm
Aw, they make a cute pair! :D

Thanks! They seem to like each other! Their names actually seem to fit them too.