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06-15-13, 09:41 am
We currently have a rat problem in our house,we bought a live trap and last night caught the main one causing problems.my husband took it outside and released it where it wouldn't come back. We were happy because this rat was not only smarter than all the other traps but was destroying our wires,clothes and furtniture. Not to mention eating through the floors and walls.

When I woke up and went upstairs I heard a strange noise and when I looked I was shocked to find 2 newborn babies. I'm guessing around 10 days old. Have some fur but still have their eyes closed.
so my best bet is they came looking for mama after we caught her.

i really don't want to release them,since they won't live if I do. But I'm not sure if I want to actually keep them as a pet forever. I just can't let them die.
i do have a male rat already and both of these little guys are males also.

Any advice here?
Ive never cared for orphaned baby animals before

07-14-13, 01:37 pm
i dont know the answer but someone needs to answer! i would like to know too!

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07-14-13, 02:00 pm
As far as whether to keep them forever or try to release them if you succeed hand-raising them, Goosemoose might have some advice. http://www.goosemoose.com/rfc/index.php

There's many instances on there of people with half-wild babies (from their females getting pregnant by wild rats in the house), and they might be able to help you make a decision on what to do with full-wild ones.