View Full Version : Coroplast flooring for rabbit?

08-18-05, 12:43 pm
I am in the middle of building a C&C cage for my rabbit and am wondering if I can use coroplast for the flooring just like you would or a G Pig cage?

08-18-05, 01:38 pm
You can use it, but you may want to have the grids on the inside instead of the out. If the coroplast sides are on the inside of the cage the bunny can chew on them.

08-18-05, 01:40 pm
I have heard that same thing about putting the grids on the inside. I am finishing my bunny cage this weekend and doing the coroplast bottom.

08-18-05, 01:55 pm
Awesome. Thanks.
Also, is there a good way to attach the cage to the coroplast?

08-18-05, 02:24 pm
you may not want to attach it to the cage. This way if it gets really dirty you can take it apart easy to clean it. Thats just my opinion though. If your rabbit is litter trained you probably could attach it, but I cant think off hand how you could. If I come up with anything I will let you know.

08-18-05, 03:13 pm
Thanks for the advice. I think I'll just build the coroplast so that the cage basically sits on top of it. My oldest bunny was litter trained about 6 months ago before he was moved to a cage with the wire bottom so I hope that he can re-adjust again to a plastic bottom. I had him moved because that cage was too shallow for him and plus I got a new bunny that he bonded with. This new cage will be large enough for both of them, so hopefully they both can be successfully litter trained. Any advice?
Also, the older of the two is neutered while the younger is not. Is it possible for two rabbits to stay bonded even though the younger is not neutered? (The younger is 7 months old, the older is 2 years old. Both are mini flops)

08-18-05, 05:07 pm
Your youngest bunny is 7 months old, correct? Now's the time to have him neutered. The sooner the better. Your bunnies will stay bonded for life.

08-18-05, 06:49 pm
My foster rabbit is litter box trained. His cage just sits on a flat sheet of coro. That is so that he wont eat my carpet. I assume it is a delicasy in the rabbit world.

08-19-05, 09:01 am
You can litter train them very easy especially since the one was before. You may want to offer 2 litter pans, from my experience each will choose their own potty space. You can put them together with the one not fixed BUT since the unneutered bun is at breeding age you take the chance at damaging the bond if there comes a dominance issue since the one is not fixed. My best advice is to keep them side by side caged, get the younger one fixed and then start the bonding process with them sharing a new cage. Also if possible hold off on putting either of them in the new cage until you are completely ready for them to bond. This way one hasnt claimed the space his, its equal and new territory. Hope this helps.