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Emma Vasey
06-10-13, 03:00 pm

We've had our 2 boars for 2 weeks now. They were 8 weeks old when we got them and they are already developing in to funny little characters. My son was going on an on about getting them so I thought if we were going to do it I wanted to do it right. I have been so pleased to have found a wealth of information on this site which made the whole process a lot easier.

i can't figure out how to post pictures from my iPhone yet but will try to figure it out soon.

06-10-13, 03:09 pm
Hello and welcome,
it will be lovely to see some pigtures of your two boys. I can't believe how much my two girls characters have come out in the 6 weeks or so that we have had them.

Little One
06-11-13, 07:06 pm
Hi welcome to the forum! Good for you for doing your homework on guinea pigs! Theres tons of information here so be sure to look around and ask any questions you may have :)

Emma Vasey
08-18-13, 03:28 pm

Just a few of pictures of my boys. They have grown so much over the last few months. Yoda is very mischevious and Gizmo is quite shy but sometimes does come out of his shell especially at veggie time. At one point I thought we would have to separate them but now they get on really well.

08-18-13, 03:30 pm
that's a beautiful cage and lovely boys you have! great job on doing all that :D

Emma Vasey
08-18-13, 03:37 pm
Thank you. I'm really enjoying sewing new things for them. They are pampered piggies.

08-18-13, 03:56 pm
Thank you. I'm really enjoying sewing new things for them. They are pampered piggies.

Then come on over to my house! :P I am horrid at sewing

08-19-13, 09:20 am
Great job on the cage! You have obviously done your homework.;)

08-19-13, 10:14 am
I think I recognise stuff from Pets At Home... Nice to see someone else from the UK! :)

Emma Vasey
08-19-13, 10:29 am
GoldieBrodiexx Hi. We're in the north east of England. Wasn't easy to find stuff for my c&c cage but thank heavens for eBay :-)

Little One
08-28-13, 03:11 pm
Oh my goodness they're so cute!!