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06-07-13, 12:48 pm
Hi All,
I am the proud new parent to 2 girl piggies. I have Muffin who is a tri-colored purebred pet quality Teddy. Her birthday is April 15, 2013. I also have Cinnabun, who is an unknown breed. Possibly Crested or Coronet. Her hair is not too long. She is gold or red and chocolate. Her birthday is around May 5th, 2013.

It's nice to meet everyone and hope you all have a great day.

I don't know how to add pictures... Once I figure it out I will gladly share what my girls look like :)

Talking Cavy
06-07-13, 12:56 pm
50384 Very nice to meet u and your girls! My piggy is Ginger he is my only one but planning on another! The box with a tree on it is how you add pics!

06-07-13, 12:57 pm
Grats on the piggies and welcome to the forum.

06-07-13, 01:08 pm
Welcome to the forum! To post a picture, go to the text box and scroll across the top bar until you see a picture frame with a tree in it. Click it, then select to upload from your computer or a URL.
I have a crested guinea pig, Squeak. I love their funky hair do's!

06-07-13, 01:56 pm
I really want a crested but im at my limit at the moment! Three pigs,two rabbits,three dogs, and a fish. And I do 5 hours of gymnastics a day so im really busy. I hope you have a good time on this forum.

06-07-13, 02:04 pm
I figured it out. I had to resize my picture. It was too large the first time. Muffin is on the left and Cinnabun is on the right.
piggielover200: I am at my limit also. I have 2 large dogs, 1 cat, 5 laying hens, a 100 gallon saltwater fish tank, a 10 gallon fresh water fish tank, my 2 new piggies, and 3 kids 10 & under. lol I also am really busy :) I love it though.

06-07-13, 04:09 pm
Is Muffin an teddy he looks like one! ChelleBelle

06-07-13, 04:33 pm
wow that's alot of pets to have! :) your teddy looks really adorable, and cinnabun has a cute rosette!

06-07-13, 05:32 pm
Yeah Muffin is a Teddy. I'm not sure about Cinnabun. I've had people say she's a Crested and some people say she's a Coronet. So we'll see how long her hair gets, as far as I know that's the only difference. Yeah I have a lot of pets. :)

06-07-13, 07:29 pm
Welcome, your girls are adorable.