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06-06-13, 07:42 am
Hello from the sunny UK.

My name is Emma and I have two four month old girl guineas, Ruby and Patch, who I have been a slave to since the end of April. Both of my girls are American Smooths, Ruby is predominately cream with a ginger face and bum and Patch is a tricolour black/tan/white. I have had guineas as pets when I was younger but these two are the first I have owned and been responsible for myself and I have been told by my parents I am spoiling them, but oh well who can resit their little faces.

A quick question to ask too....
At four months old I am slightly worried about Ruby's weight. Patch is around 500g but Ruby is only 400g. They get an unlimited supply of timothy hay and pellets and also get a good selection of veggies twice a day. They are both putting weight on evenly (about 30g a week) so I know Patch isn't stealing all the food (she is the slightly more dominate one) so I was just wondering whether I am I just making a mountain out of a molehill.


06-06-13, 07:44 am
Oops forgot to attach the photo50320

06-06-13, 07:46 am
I wouldn't worry if they are both gaining. My two young boys are a different size and weight and the smallest is the dominate one.

06-06-13, 07:50 am
Hello from another UK piggy slave :)

Like above, if they are both steadily gaining weight I wouldn't worry. Just keep weighing.

And they are gorgeous, how could anyone not spoil them :)