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06-05-13, 11:36 am
A almost 4 months ago one of my boys called Theodore (currently 1 year old) had a falling out with his cage mates, so I trialed him with some different boys. Long story short I found a brilliant match for him, but that was after a few failures. During one of the failed pairings Theodore got bitten on the shoulder and had a very small scab which was less than 1 cm big (which I almost didn't notice because he is a long hair).

This scab turned into an abscess about a month later. When my vet made a house call for a checkup on my dog I got her to confirm it was an abscess and she advised me to come in to get it removed if I noticed any sudden growth (it was about 5 mm in diameter when she said this). Two weeks ago it grew to 3cm big in a 3 day span so I made the appointment, took him to the vets and it was removed encapsulated without any dramas. To make sure the abscess didn't reoccur the vet gave me baytril to give orally every morning and night for 7 days (0.4ml was in each syringe, the vet said she put a bit extra than he needed in each to allow for him spitting some out).

During the antibiotic course Theodore lost his appetite a little bit and dropped in weight from 1340 grams to 1240 grams. Whilst he was on the antibiotics I gave him poop soup 3 hours after the antibiotics but I was not as strict with this as I should have been because I forgot a couple of times. The antibiotics have now been finished for over a week but Theodore seems quite lethargic compared to his normal self and his appetite is still not back to normal levels (he is a lot more fussy with his veg but is still eating hay, grass and pellets).

Should I be concerned, and is there anything in particular I should keep and eye out for? Should I continue the poop soup, and how "fresh" does the poop need to be from another guinea pig? (I was only using still warm poops.)

06-05-13, 12:17 pm
You could continue with the poop soup, and the fresher the better. But if he had several days of not eating properly, he may be developing tooth problems. Weigh him daily, and watch him carefully for any signs of malocclusion -- drooling, pawing, inability to pick up food and/or chew it, picking up food and dropping it, etc. If you notice any of those, get him to a good piggy dentist to have his molars examined.