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05-30-13, 07:31 am
Hi all! I haven't been on this forum for ages. I used to have some pigs, and sadly we had to adopt them out.

Recently, however, we got a new 'baby'. We have had him since Friday. He has been happy, and adjusting well. He just started wheeking and popcorning a little bit.

However, this morning my hubby noticed that he was laying on his side outside of his pigloo. When I went to check on him, he didn't run into his pigloo like he normally does, he just sat there by his hay. Gave him some fresh veggies, refreshed his food and water. He did get up and turn around a little, but he being sort of lethargic and laying on his side outside of his pigloo a lot. It's not normal behavior for him. When I picked him up, he seemed to be making his normal noises for when I pick him up.

He doesn't have any other symptoms, just that. I am just worried. My hubby let one of our girls take him in her room w/o supervision (grrr....) and so I'm worried maybe he ate something he shouldn't have? She says no, but you know kids!

Any advice (besides the vet, I have to be at work right now and cannot do anything until at least later tonight) would be appreciated! I know we have only had him since Fri, but I have grown very attached to him already. I've missed having piggies and have been so happy we got Snickers!

BTW - side note - my hubby brought home these snacks for him that I have never seen before. They are called Rice Pops, bright red and green. He seemed to like it.....but they make me wary.

Thank you very much!!

05-30-13, 07:39 am
He could possibly be sick but there is no way to tell for sure.

I would take him in for a vet check up though, guinea pig sickness can go downhill fast. I am wary of treats too.. Ahat ingredients are enlisted on the package do you know?Lethargy can be a symptom of many things.

05-30-13, 07:43 am
Yes, I'd say he's sick, and you've got two possible good reasons as to why.

The Rice Pops are a big no-no. They're cereal and they'll swell up with water and possibly cause an intestinal blockage. If you want to feed snacks, think herbs -- parsley, cilantro, thyme, dill, etc -- or a bit of fruit. Pigs don't need any processed food, as they're herbivores. So the rawer the better.

It's also possible that something happened with the kid, either accident or something he shouldn't have eaten. How old is the kid? For that matter, how old is the pig?

If he's not eating on his own, he needs to see a vet immediately. He may well have bloat, which is a medical emergency. And if he's a very young pig, lethargy is sign enough for an emergency vet visit. I don't want to scare you, but you may well have a dying pig, and it needs to be seen now, not tonight.

05-30-13, 07:57 am
Thanks for quick responses!

My step-daughter is 8, Snickers is about 6mo. She has been taught proper handling of him, but there were no adults around. When I got home, I was so mad at my hubby when I found out. I went and got him, and put him back in his cage. I had him out with me later on in the evening, and he seemed ok. Hubby gave him the rice pop thing later on.

I don't have the ingredients of the rice pops, but from what bpatters says, I won't be giving them to him again! When we had piggies before, we very rarely gave them any sort of treat that came from the store unless it was fresh veggies, with occasional fruits.

I will call my hubby and see if he can get off of work to go to the vet. I have a big meeting in a little while that I cannot miss, otherwise I would be taking him right now. :( I really appreciate all of the advice!

05-31-13, 09:20 pm
so hubby got him to the vet that day! He has an ear infection. Is on antibiotics and vet recommended oxbow critical care supplement. He is doing much better and I couldn't be happier! Thanks again!