View Full Version : Injury Nina has a eye injury/issue

05-29-13, 11:28 am
I feel so bad for my sweet Nina. We noticed yesterday she had an eye that was squinted, watery, and a bit crusty. Today it is def worse and she is hurting because if you try to check the eye out she jumps and jerks. I called the Vet and they will be seeing her tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure what happened to the eye at all but I have a strong feeling she may have punctured it on a piece of hay maybe, when she was eating from the hay ball thing. I've seen her come close one to doing it once and it just makes me think she might have finally done it. Lets hope its not gonna be too serious.

05-31-13, 12:04 am
How did the vet visit go?

05-31-13, 04:38 am
Eye issues can be caused by a range of things. It's really critical to get them to a vet asap to prevent further damage if there's something lodged in the eye. It could also be caused by something like conjunctivitis which is bacterial and requires meds to treat it. Please let us know how Nina is doing.