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10-28-02, 12:04 pm
Hey guys,
I am using peat as bedding for my hamsters along with pine shavings and the peat is great and the hammies love it!
So, I was wondering if a guinea pig would like it, safe-tidy-absorbs urine-cheap-environmentally friendly....
why not?

10-30-02, 04:22 pm
Isn't peat like dirt? Or am I thinking of something else?

10-30-02, 04:46 pm
peat is not dirt;it's a moss. It should only be used as bedding for amphibians and reptiles.

11-02-02, 01:10 pm
It is like dirt laura, i don`t see what`s wrong with it cavysrock, my hammies love it....

11-07-02, 05:15 pm
I certainly wouldn't put any animal of mine in dirt. cavydude, in all good intentions, I think that maybe you *suppose* your hamsters like this bedding, when in reality to them, it may be a hazard and uncomfortable. Just a thought.

11-08-02, 01:18 pm
Peat-A substance of vegetable origin, consisting of roots and fibers, moss, etc., in various stages of decomposition, and found, as a kind of turf or bog, usually in low situations, where it is always more or less saturated with water. It is often dried and used for fuel.

From www.dictionary.com (http://www.dictionary.com)

Isn't it a fertilizer? I remember I bought an indoor greenhouse one year and they had peat soil to plant the plants in. (Of course they all died because I forget to water them...)

I wouldn't house mine on a "decomposing substance of vegtable origin";)

~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~

11-08-02, 01:20 pm
Peat is a kind of moss...

Any of various mosses of the genus Sphagnum, growing in very wet places.

dictionary.com (http://dictionary.com)

~*Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki*~

02-08-03, 10:08 am
peat is soil type substance sometimes used in gardens. But peat takes about 2 million years to form and is running out so many people will not use it.rightly. I'm a gardener and don't think peat (or any other soil) is a good animal bedding. It can contain all kinds of things and even have things living in it which could possibly bite your hamster or cause some kind of irritation. Also doesn't it make his coat dirty

I grow pots of grass for my pigs but remove it when there are bear patches of soil so they don't hav eaccess to it (it's compost I made myself)

02-26-03, 12:54 pm
I heard first hand from a lady who lives in an area that peat grows so fast that she can't cut (dig) it fast enough. She uses it as bedding for her horses. Yes I agree that it is decomposing vegetable matter, and very quickly gets wet and smelly as it rots. Not good for guinea-pigs or hamsters, or horses hooves either.