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08-16-05, 11:23 am
Well I am looking after two FEMALE rabbits who today had a baby bunny. I have no idea what to do. I know i need 2 seperate them but what about the baby they have shown no interest in the baby and the baby have been moved from the area i placed it in.

I have no idea what to do. Help

08-16-05, 11:37 am
Bromers you should sign up on the http://rabbits-forums.com/view_forum.php?id=1. They all will help you with rabbit advice. They are one of the best out there.

08-16-05, 11:52 am
Here is some great info
caring for mama and babies - http://rabbit.org/care/babies.html
caring for orphans - http://rabbit.org/care/orphan.html
newborn bunny facts - http://rabbit.org/care/newborn.html

Make sure it's the father you remove. He should have noticable testicles. If they both appear to be female then try to express milk from them. The one with milk is the momma.

I recommend you also call an exotic vet and see what they have to say.

I also moved this thread to the rabbit forum

08-17-05, 05:34 pm
Mother rabbits only feed their babies once or twice a day. They will not lay with the babies because of their instinct to not attract predators. The baby should be in the nest that the mom made for him. You may need to place warm water bottles around the baby; babies will huddle together for warmth, but he may have trouble keeping warm by himself.

08-19-05, 02:04 am
Thabk you all for your help. I should tell you that the baby bunny dies last night.

08-19-05, 09:03 am
Aw Bromers. I'm sorry.

08-19-05, 11:11 am
Ohhhh I'm so sorry to hear that :(

08-23-05, 08:54 am
I'm so sorry...

Bunny Gurl
08-24-05, 06:23 pm
ahh poor sweet thing!!!!:(