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05-20-13, 01:43 pm

We are a family with dogs, birds, fish, snake (he eats fish, no mammals), and have now brought home 4 guinea pigs to spoil rotten. Three of them are with the program, and one wants to fight with everyone else! So here I am, asking for advice! :)

05-20-13, 01:51 pm
Welcome to the forum! We'll need some answers before we can help much.

--Were they housed together before?
--What sex(es) are they? And are you sure? Pigs are often missexed. Turn the over and compare, and sort by what they look like. See Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm) if you have questions about it. Please don't put males and females together -- pregnancy and birth are high-risk events with guinea pigs.
--How old are they?
--How large is your cage?

05-20-13, 01:57 pm
Welcome to the family!!!! You've picked a great place for any question you may have. :heart:

05-20-13, 02:02 pm
I didn't know if I could put a question in this section, so I asked it (look for the long rambling story) in a different forum. I will answer your questions there so all the info is in the same place. :) Thanks