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05-20-13, 01:22 pm
Hi to all, I have just gotten a girl guinea pig from a co-worker that said they didn't realize they made so much noise. I have been reading the forum for a couple of days and this morning stopped and got her some veggies I had to bring her to work with me this morning can anyone suggest a name for her and suggest how to upload a photo

05-20-13, 01:39 pm
To decide a name for her, I would take some time to bond and find her personality. My guinea is called Bubble, because I found out she's very relaxed and loves lap time.
When you go to post on a thread, on the top bar of the text box, there will be a little icon showing a tree in a picture frame. Click on it and pick whether you'd like to upload a photo from your computer or enter the picture URL.
I can't wait to see pigtures.

05-20-13, 02:04 pm
Welcome to the piggy family!!! I also can't wait to see pigtures!!! We are very big on pigtures and love to ohh and ahhh over all piggy family members!!! :heart:

izzys parents
05-20-13, 03:55 pm
lol you could also name her by her fur color :) my fiance named our new piggy Choco because she has brown fur....and we were both craving chocolate icecream

05-20-13, 05:03 pm
Click the picture that looks like an image!

Congrats on finding this amazing forum! You can call her cookie, cream, food like names :P Thanks for joining! you'll have a lot of fun here!

05-20-13, 05:48 pm
49633 I hope this worked but it turns out hes a boy

05-20-13, 05:49 pm
He was in a box that was well ventilated because I got him this morning and didnt have time to bring him home

05-20-13, 05:57 pm
awww he is so cute : )

05-20-13, 06:03 pm
piggyowner welcome, there is tons of information on this site about proper care, take the time to explore and read as much as you can, you never stop learning!

In the mean time, why not looking into building that beautiful little guy a home? A c&c cage can be made for 30-40$ in most places and it provides a large enough spot for them to run and sleep.

05-20-13, 06:55 pm
He is currently in the cage he came with until I can get the materials to build one

05-20-13, 07:12 pm
He is adorable. Love his fur's color!

05-31-13, 01:42 pm
Just a quick question I'm wanting to get Charlie a friend but I am limited on space for a cage any suggestions on the cage size? I hope to pick up the new piggie tomorrow

05-31-13, 01:56 pm
If you're limited on space for a cage, please don't get another pig. How would like to go live somewhere new in a room you couldn't get out of that was the size of a closet?

See the Main tab above for recommended cage sizes, and remember that bigger is always better.

05-31-13, 02:18 pm
Just a quick question I'm wanting to get Charlie a friend but I am limited on space for a cage any suggestions on the cage size? I hope to pick up the new piggie tomorrow

The minmum for two guinea pigs is 2 by 4 (I'm talking grids not feet or inches) but boars usually need more room so I would go up to at least 2 by 5 (again grids). If you can fit that into your house then also read up on how to introduce guinea pigs to each other and about how to quarantine.

05-31-13, 03:30 pm
Sometimes it is easier to go wider than longer and makes do like their space. I would try for a 2 x 5, in grids. If you don't have the space in length you can try a 3 x 4, so that they can pass each other without problems and have their space. And maybe a loft for the kitchen area.