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08-16-05, 09:13 am
:crazy: there was just a sticky on this forum about a website called harborsales which has coroplast that can be delivered to your home. The poster said she bought one piece of coroplast, they cut it to size, and sent it to her for just $31.00. I am interested in ordering new coroplast and checked out the site. I could not find out how much it would be to ship 2 4' x 8' pieces of coroplast, so i called the company. They said that because it would have to be shipped to a residential area, i would have to pay an extra 50 - 60 dollars and the shipping itself was 70 dollars! Just for 2 pieces of coroplast.
Could whoever posteed that thread please explain to me why it is over 100 dollars for me to get 2 pieces of coroplast. I am so confused!!:crazy:

08-16-05, 09:35 am
It turns out they are not as good a deal as was originally thought. They really gouge the customer on the shipping which negates the cheap price of the coroplast.

Percy's Mom
08-16-05, 09:36 am
Full size sheets of coroplast are larger than is normally shippable unless it's cut to a smaller size. They might charge less if you have it cut smaller or order a larger quantity. If all you want is 1 or 2 sheets, I would suggest checking out sign shops.

08-16-05, 09:38 am
I'm lucky, I live close enough to Harbor Sales that they ship it to me on a big truck for free!! :)

08-16-05, 11:31 am
When I was checking around for coroplast I found out that anything over a certain size is shipped differently and will cost much more. If I remember correctly, the smaller sizes can be shipped by mail but the larger sizes have to be shipped by truck, or plane, or boat depending upon where you live.

08-16-05, 04:38 pm
I posted saying that if you didn't have the peices cut... and they had to ship a HUGE 4 foot by 8 foot peice.. it would be $70. It's a good deal if you have it cut. I only have a 2x4 cage and with have them cut the peices shipping was only like $20 bucks. If you want a certain color that you can't get anywhere else and you are like me and can't cut a straight line to save your life this is a good way to go.

08-16-05, 04:55 pm
oh, ok. Where is harbor sales?

08-16-05, 05:01 pm
Sudlersville, MD and I live in Las Vegas, NV

08-16-05, 05:56 pm
Ok...why can Harbor Sales be a good idea... I'll tell you (and no I do NOT work for this company and I don't personally know anyone that does).

Okay...say I've found a sign shop in town that has coroplast. I drive down there and see that they either have the small peices or the 4'x8'...only in WHITE. *sigh* I so didn't want white....but that's all they have. The 4'x8' peice is $23.99. I make my purchase and lug this big ackward peice to the car...........it doesn't fit!!! Try the back seat....nope....try the trunk....nope. Crap! So I bought ugly white coroplast for $23.99 that I can't fit into my car to get home. I call up a friend/co-worker with a truck (if I even know someone with a truck) to help haul this relatively light but BIG peice of plastic because the sign shop doesn't provide a cutting service...just printing. Well I give my friend $10 bucks for helping out becuase gas is flippin' $2.59 a gallon. I finally get it home....and I have only a tape measure and a pair of scissors....lord help me. Three hours later the scissors and tape measure go flying through the air and I'm yelling and cursing. My poor rat terrier is hiding underneath the bed and the coroplast is cut into big uneven chunks all over the floor.

So all of this frustration for ugly white coroplast for $23.99 + tax and the $10.00 I give to a friend for moving it. Almost $40.

or instead.... I order the color I want from Harbor Sales... they cut it and ship it to me... Real run down of costs

4'x8' 4mm coroplast $6.41
Shipping $21.71
Cutting charge $2.75

TOTAL $30.87

08-16-05, 06:15 pm
Good visual with that outline of a past experience (I'm assuming). The last time I bought a sheet, he cut and scored it into a 2x4 ad gave me the extra pieces. I did pay extra but was worth the aggrevation.

08-16-05, 07:26 pm
alright thanks! I'll look into it. Do you possibly know if the shipping is double for 2 pieces or just a little bit more that the shipping for one?

08-16-05, 07:31 pm
Where abouts do you live? Maybe there's a local place someone can recommend.

08-18-05, 09:40 am
wo that's weird, when i bought my coroplast from there about a year ago, they were very cheap pieces and shipping was not bad at all. I really liked that place.

08-18-05, 07:16 pm
Well gas is $2.69 in some places... so shipping costs have gone up.

08-18-05, 08:17 pm
I always order from harborsales. It's $28 shipping for several cages worth of coroplast so long as you get the coro cut in half. You have to tape it back together but so far that hasn't been a problem and it made it really easy to expand the cage later. I had a 2x4 cut into 2 pieces taped together and to make it a 2x5 I untaped it, slid in a 14" piece of coro, then taped it back together. No cutting or anything required just a bit of scoring. The only thing is it's $28 of shipping for enough coro for a 2x3 or for two 2x4 plus extra. It's a great deal if your ordering lots of coro at once and don't mind taping or gluing it together.

08-19-05, 07:30 am
Another thing to keep in mind is that the Coroplast will ROLL up. I know because I put a 4x8 sheet in the trunk of my Sebring. Having a second person to help roll is good, but one of the employees at the the place I bought it helped me roll it.