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12-17-01, 02:56 pm
In order to save some expense on bedding (I have been using CareFresh), today I bought a couple of bags of wood pellets that I'm going to try out. I got them at a farm and country store, $3.99 for 40 lbs. It didn't say on the package what type of wood it was but I asked one of the salepeople and he said that it was oak.

In order to get my piggies used to their new bedding I cleaned out the dirty parts of their cage (lots of pee and poops in their houses!), lined the bottom of the cage with newspaper (which they love to chew on!), and then I mixed some of the pellets in with the CareFresh which they are used to.

I know that the wood pellets aren't going to be as absorbent as the CareFresh but I have found myself changing the bedding in their houses every day (that's where they seem to be making their messes!). So I figured since I was replacing part of their bedding everyday anyway that it would be cheaper to use the wood pellets instead of the CareFresh. Though what I may do is still buy a bag of CareFresh and cover the pellets lightly with it since it's so much softer.

Has anyone had any experience with using wood pellets?

12-18-01, 01:05 am
I know some people use them and like them.

I think the only problem with most of them is they send to turn into a sawdust-like consistency once they are wet and breakdown.

Worth trying out. They may work for you.

12-18-01, 11:49 am
You are right about the sawdust like consistency. When I went to clean the bedding today, a good portion of the pellets had broken down into sawdust. Then when I went to roll up the newspaper the wet pellet/sawdust mixture was very heavy and broke through portions of the newspaper. Needless to say, I don't care too much for the pellets. I will probably take back the unopened bag of pellets and use the opened bag until it is gone. In the meantime I will buy another bag of CareFresh ( ::sigh:: $$), cover the pellets with it, and continue looking into other bedding options which are more reasonably priced than CareFresh. Though I prefer the CareFresh it is quite expensive but I guess this is the case of getting what you pay for.

12-18-01, 12:12 pm
no kidding. If I could find a better solution, I would be singing about it everywhere. I feel like I've tried just about everything.

I have a couple of extenuating circumstances that most people don't have to deal with. I've got TONS of large cages. Which makes a couple of things very important, ease of cleaning and time spent cleaning, and the weight of the bedding itself (which factors into time and ease of cleaning). Also, I have a bad shoulder, so heavy beddings make it hard on me.

Add to that whatever I do is a role model to all who adopt from me. Do I as I say and not as I do? I don't think so.

I've been out of work for a couple of months, and I STILL spend the hundreds of dollars every week on carefresh. It's all a tradeoff depending your circumstances. There is no great and perfect bedding. sigh is right. :)

12-18-01, 04:21 pm
Yes, I saw your photos on the cavycages site of at least a portion of the number of cages you must maintain and I believe I also saw a pic of the numerous bags of CareFresh which you mentioned were a weeks worth! So...I guess I shouldn't feel bad about buying 1 bag of CareFresh! :) It really is good stuff!

Though in an effort (again!) to try another type of bedding I bought something called All Pet Pine (http://www.naturesearth.com/allpetpine/index.htm) at a local pet warehouse. It is kiln dried (which I know is important) and mentions on the bag that "no trees were cut down to make this product". I remember using this one time when my son got to take his teacher's guinea pig home over Thanksgiving break (one reason we got attached to gp's!). If I remember correctly I think that it will be better than the wood pellets but probably not equal to CareFresh. It was $3 cheaper at the pet store than the CareFresh which isn't really much price difference. I will probably end up sticking with the CareFresh!

12-18-01, 06:14 pm
After my shoulder surgery, I temporarily used pine for the weight. Even with the kiln-dried pine, my house smelled like a saw-mill! :)

12-25-01, 08:29 am
I have been using both the AllPetPine and ExquisiCatPine Bedding with my 5 pigs and everyone who comes into my house is amazed there is NO odor with that many pigs. My pigs are housed in 5-compartment underbed sterilite storage containers with "neat cubes" fencing the area. I just use a cat litter scoop to remove soiled litter and I have no problem removing it this way-the same as you would scoop a regular cat litter box. I have tried everything from CareFresh to corn cob litter and this by far works the best and has the least odor. I don't prefer CareFresh or Yesterdays News as it is expensive and with 5 guinea pigs does not last long and definitely does not remove odor like the pellets.

12-25-01, 09:46 pm
Thanks for the comments on the All Pet Pine, maryellen. I'm still using the wood pellets (the same bag) and spreading CareFresh in their house area so I haven't opened the All Pet Pine yet. I will post here when I start using it in order to share my comments.

BTW, I've found a way to get around the problem of the wet wood pellets/sawdust breaking through the liner newspaper. I roll up what I can in the newspaper and the scoop up the rest with a dustpan. There is much less mess and cleanup has been a lot easier.

02-26-03, 07:37 pm
Where do you find All Pet Pine bedding? We have only had our piggy for one week so we are still experimenting with the best bedding for us (and him). Thanks.