View Full Version : New here, got a new BABY CAVY TODAY!!!

05-18-13, 06:15 pm
Hey guys! I'm new here, but I'm only relatively new to being a guinea mom. I have 2 boars, Winnie (like Winnie the pooh :D) who is 3 and I got from a shelter in December, and Taco (Taco Bell if he is actually a SHE) who I actually got today! Taco is roughly 3 weeks old, too young to be sold if you ask me, but I already love him to death:love::love:. I found Winnie on pet finder .com, and he is a chunky boy. He is mostly tan with a white nose and mouth, an American short hair. Taco, a calico Abyssinian, is a different story, what I call a sympathy impulse buy. Momma and I went into a small, family-owned pet store around lunch to “ooh” and “ah” at their newly born gerbils my friend told me about. Little did we know, the horror of how these animals were kept would shock us into the impulse buy. When we first walked in, it stunk so bad it was hard to breathe. To top it off, the girl running the store at the time, roughly 19, didn't know what the heck she was talking about. When she picked him up for us to pet him, she wasn't holding him right! SUPPORT THE BUM. Geez. >(. So you know those cages that are like islands in kitchens, but they're for animals? In one square, they had SIX bunnies, obviously not separated by gender. Taco was the last of his litter in his own little square(the squares were literally 1.5' X 1.5', no joke!). The other two had birds, but they were well cared for I have to admit. So these cages, and I'm not even exaggerating, had in them ONLY a water bottle, bedding, and a food dish. NO hay, NO hiding house, NO toys or chews. Really, people? C'mon, that's just awful. :(. While the girl was mis-guiding us on proper care, (luckily I know better) and strangling my little boy, I noticed another "cage." It was a 10, maybe 15, gallon fish tank with gross bedding, a miniscule amount of water, and again, no hay. But here's the thing: the biggest rabbit I've ever seen and a beautiful, I mean gorgeous people, white with black streaks Peruvian. Now why on earth are they in the same cage, especially pushed up together because of lack of ample walking space?! I looked at my mom, me with tears on the rim of my eyes because of my passion and respecting all animals. She knew then we weren't leaving without "saving" at least one of these animals. I chose Taco for many reasons: he was all alone. I'm allergic to rabbits:(:weepy:. And the Peruvian, the only other guinea, was an unfixed girl. My boar isn't fixed either and there's too many in need of good homes in shelters already so no babies. Now I in no way endorse promoting pet stores at all. But the way I figure it is, The shelter animals are going to get a great home already because people smart enough to go to a shelter are probably more knowledgeable on the animal they want. But pet store livestock will probably be forced to suffer at the hands of a neglectful elementary schooler.
When I introduced them, they loved each other at first sight. Taco went right up to Winnie and snuggled by his fat belly. Their cage has a divider in the middle so they can be by each other but Taco can't be accidentally or intentionally hurt by Winnie, not that Winnie would though. He's chill. But Taco's still really small so better safe than sorry.
They have not stopped talking and Wheeking all day!! Sorry for the long post, but that's my story, thanks for reading!:D