View Full Version : Proud new owner!

05-18-13, 06:12 pm
Hi everyone! I finally adopted my sweet piggies today from bibliocavy,

(This pic is one bibliocavy took, no pigtures of my own yet!)

The tan and white abby on the left is Oli (Oliver), and the multi-coloured on the right is Theo (Theodore)!

After the long car ride home, they got a bath, nail clippings, and butt cleanings, and now they're exploring their 2x6 C&C and nibbling on veggies :)

So glad to finally own some beautiful piggies! <3

05-18-13, 06:45 pm
Such cuties, I also have a piggy named Oliver! :)

05-18-13, 06:46 pm
They are so cute!:heart: I have an Abby too! His name is Taco (3 wks old) bc he's calico. And I have Winnie (3 yrs old) , an American short hair.:love:

05-18-13, 06:47 pm
I'm already in love with them! My cat doesn't seem too bothered by them, but the cage is cat-proofed anyway. The pigs saw my cat, and then just went back to running around. Looks like everything is going alright so far :)

05-18-13, 06:50 pm
it's funny how you love em instantly, right? I got Taco today, unfortunately from a pet store, but still.

05-18-13, 06:51 pm
Awh, well I'm glad Taco has a nice, safe home now!

05-18-13, 06:55 pm
I can't wait to come over and see them again jessie!! they are so cute.

05-18-13, 06:59 pm
Yeah! He's so much happier, you can really tell.

05-18-13, 07:45 pm
Hmm. These guys look awfully familiar! I am so glad you are enjoying them. I certainly did. I am so relieved that they went to such a good home, and to someone on here too! It is just what I wanted, because I know people on here have a lot of experience with piggies. I look forward to more stories and pictures about the boys.

05-18-13, 08:14 pm
There'll be lots of stories and pigtures! Honestly they're so cute, how could I not take pictures? Haha :)

05-18-13, 08:21 pm
I know what you mean. I have a whole library here. They are very cute!

05-18-13, 09:51 pm
Ahhh they arem soooooo cute