View Full Version : C&C Can only build a 2 x 4 in this apartment. Will it work?

05-10-13, 07:02 pm
After measuring and looking around, we only have enough space for a 2 x 4, and it will take up a large portion of the room the cage has to be in (the room with air conditioning for the summer heat). I'm a little bummed, as I wanted a 2 x 6, but it just isn't possible in here. They are currently in one of the pet store cages (the one they came with), and it's infuriatingly small! :guilty: I know they'll be much happier in the new one regardless, but I'm just wondering if this will be okay? They are both boars, but I've yet to see them squabble despite having so little room. They even sleep together a lot of the time. Are any of your boars happy in a 2 x 4?

05-10-13, 07:07 pm
It really depends on the boars and their temperaments. My two got along great in a 2x4, but in a 2x3 they fought. Once I upgraded to a 2x4 they became best buds. They now have a 2x5.

05-10-13, 07:26 pm
What about a 2 x 5? You said you could fit a 2 x 4 but not a 2 x 6. A 2 x 5 would be 28 in x 70in.

05-10-13, 07:59 pm
A 2 x 5 could possibly work if I try to rearrange a bit! But we shall see. And they haven't even fought in this TINY cage. I mean, it's smaller than a 2 x 3. :ohmy:

05-10-13, 08:06 pm
That's good! :) Good luck with your building : )

05-10-13, 08:10 pm
One of the great things about C&C cages is the ease at which they can be rearranged. Could you make it larger in the space you have by making it L-shaped?

05-10-13, 08:20 pm
That might be a possibility, CavyMama! We'll be doing all of the measuring exactly once we get the big piece of coroplast!

05-10-13, 08:24 pm
Glad you are building a nice, big cage for them! They appear to be very bonded already, so I believe a 2x4 will be plenty of space for the two of them. Best wishes!

05-10-13, 08:36 pm
Hoping so! They do seem very, very bonded but I've read that can change. Fingers crossed! I see so many people on here with these massive cages, and I felt bad for having to go with a 2 x 4, possibly 2 x 5, but it's at least a better life for them!

05-10-13, 08:41 pm
In my experience the main reasons bonded guinea pigs can begin to fight are when they go through adolescence or when they are separated for a time. It would be very strange and uncommon for them to suddenly dislike each other, especially with the large space of a 2x4. I feel like sometimes people underestimate the size of a C&C cage. A 2x4 is really quite large and provides a ton of space for two pigs! I don't think you need to feel bad at all! It is not even comparable to your pet store cage. They will be so, so happy. I'm really confident that they will have no issues.

05-11-13, 04:01 am
That really makes me feel better! They will never be separated (not even for a bath) and I think they've already gone through adolescence. They are around a year old though, so not exactly sure if that's through the water yet or not. I think you might be right about not being able to visualize the size of the new cage when I've never seen it in person. It will likely be bigger than I'm expecting.

05-11-13, 05:16 am
Could you do the 2x4 but add a loft? If you put the ramp in the center they can run around that( for the few times they do). Have the kitchen upstairs and just use grid tents and fleece forests down stairs so the always can run through what ever is down there.

05-11-13, 03:42 pm
I considered it, but Roland LOVES to run. I was hesitant to put anything in his path for running on the sides. Not sure though! It might not be much of an obstacle for him.

05-11-13, 03:47 pm
My 2 boars are happy in their 2x4. Percy and Patrick were great buddies. After Percy passed I adopted a 5 month old boar from my RSPCA who is in the middle of puberty and came to me with the marks of failed intro's. After intro's and baths they moved into the 2x4 while I was preparing to expand but they are perfectly happy.

05-11-13, 05:09 pm
I have 2 boars in a 3x3. So bigger than a 2x4 but smaller than a 2x5. That works for them, and I'm sure they would work in a 2x4. Of course, bigger is always better but it is possible!

05-11-13, 05:43 pm
You know, it really depends on the cavies. Chester lived alone in a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft for quite some time and I thought the cage looked huge. :eye-poppi However, as soon as there were two of them, the cage began to look small. I recently renovated the loft to a 2x2 which has made a world of difference. Most of the time one of them "claims" the loft for themselves while the other sleeps downstairs.

I actually have been able (just barely) to expand the main level to a 2x5, but haven't been able to open it up to the as yet. My Coroplast just came in this past week and I haven't yet had time to work on the cage.

I say go ahead and build the 2x4 and consider a 2x2 loft. So long as there is room to get around the ramp, it won't interfere with their running. Having a loft is also an advantage in that you can put a litter box, hay rack, water bottle, pellet dish AND a cardboard "house" there and still have room for them both to move around.

As posted elsewhere, an offset loft is a great addition if you don't have much space. Here's a graphic:


05-11-13, 06:35 pm
That's a very nice design! I'm definitely contemplating it now. :cheerful:

05-12-13, 05:30 am
I have 2 piggies and I just got finished building their 2x4 with 2x2 loft. They love it! Here's a photo so you can see what it looks like. My pigs still run around despite the ramp.

05-12-13, 07:09 am
I have three pairs living in three 2x4s. One pair is made up of two males. All of my pairs do well in their 2x4's. I had a 2x6 with females and a neutered male and 2x5s but the 2x4s seem to work better for the space I have and are easier to keep clean. They are large enough for them to run laps. If you add a loft, don't forget you'll lose some main floor space. I removed my loft because there wasn't as much room, they spent most time under the ramp and loft and it was harder to clean. My males never squabble, either. I know a lot of people love lofts but I prefer the open space of a single level. Just my personal preference. If you want a loft, you can make a cage using connectors and the loft out of zip ties and have it sit on wooden 1x1's so you can remove it easily. I made some like that and they're easier to clean under.

http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx28/kavykeeper/IMG_0725_zps936f2483.jpg (http://s738.photobucket.com/user/kavykeeper/media/IMG_0725_zps936f2483.jpg.html)

05-12-13, 10:37 am
would a L shape one work orr is there enough space to do a 3x4 (that's what ill be doing for my 2 piggies when I get them)lol

05-12-13, 02:35 pm
Great pictures!!! I will definitely consider adding a loft. It would be great to have a kitchen area separate from the running room. :cheerful: You guys have great cages. They seriously won't know what to do with so much space!