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05-04-13, 09:43 am
Ok, I would like to know what litter box's you guys would recommend! I recently bonded my boys so i would like to celebrate by getting new stuff!!! Ive seen many different types but never new which was best.

Litter: Whats your favorite Litter?
Litter box: Whats your favorite litter box?

What kind of veggies can rabbits eat? What should they be fed daily?

05-04-13, 10:25 am
I use normal care fresh litter, its really absorbent.
Don't really have a favorite littterbox.

Here is a site to help you
Article - "Rabbit Diets: The Basics" (http://rabbits.chandrabeal.com/article_diet.htm)

05-04-13, 10:30 am
A great litter box would be the plastic tub of a store bought cage!!! Most litter boxes are way too small and cant fit a rabbit. The litter I use is Yesterdays News cat litter. I like it because when the rabbit pee's it turns into dust so you know when to clean and if the rabbits going.
Here is an article to help you for the fruits and veggies:
Suggested Vegetables and Fruits (http://www.rabbit.org/care/veggies.html)

05-04-13, 04:22 pm
Litter: Whats your favorite Litter? Litter box: Whats your favorite litter box?

Favorite litter hands-down is Planet Petco Crumbled Paper Bedding. I've tried many different types, and this one is the best at odor control, and is less expensive than most. Planet Petco Crumbled Paper Small Animal Bedding at PETCO (http://www.petco.com/product/114718/Planet-Petco-Crumbled-Paper-Small-Animal-Bedding.aspx)

I buy the medium size litter box (Wonderbox or Nature's Miracle) for the loft and cut a doorway in it, and use the small box (as it is sold) downstairs under the loft where they had made their own toilet. They are presently using both litter boxes. I line the box with a folded puppy pad, and then my tidying consists of scooping out the poops, lightly spraying Clean Cage over the litter, and then put a new, light layer of litter on top.


05-04-13, 05:18 pm
Thanks everyone!!! I just ordered some yesterdays news im going to give it a try!

05-20-13, 07:43 pm
For under $3 at Walmart u can get a kitten litter box and all I use is a few pieces of paper towels folded to fit the bottom of the litter box and I shred news paper and fill the litter boxes. Vet said it was the best stuff to use both of my bunnies are white so their feet look gray but that's what the vet says is the best. As for veggies there is a great forum that knows a tons about bunnies that I always go to its called binky bunny I suggest u go there and ask questions I learned a ton from them and everything I'm doing the vet says is great. I can't get my bunnies to bond cause of personality issues one is aggressive and the other is so easy going both neutered males. One of my bunnies have the whole living room and the other has all of my daughters room all day but go into large breed dog cage at night. I give mine cilantro, parsley, Boston lettuce, small piece of carrot, radicchio, Belgian endive that's what they like though so yours may like other stuff just try and make sure you give them each veggie for a week before giving up on that veggie and move on to something else I'f they don't eat that just make sure you only do one new veggie a week so u don't upset their tummies. Well go to the website and check it out.