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05-02-13, 01:45 am
A have a 16 week old piggy called cocos nd just got a 4 week old piggy teddy they lived seperatly for 2days due to the fact teddy is tiny. But i introduced them on neutural grounds. There was a bit of humping but nothing serious nd it died off after 15mins a no it was just cocos being dominaint. I seperated them after an hour but they were sqealling for each other. So i put them in the same cage while a made up the pen so they hav more room. Ive put a bridge over the joint for access to the pen cocos can get across no bother but teddy cant he just hides under it. Everything seems fine they eat next to each other sit together nd everything. But cocos has started to rumble at teddy nd follows him around the cage nothing comes of it as coco runs off. A just dont no if this is normal as ive only had teddy 3days

05-02-13, 01:52 am
Okay so you have a 4 mth old pig and a 1 month old pig. How big is the cage they are living in? Are they males or females?

05-02-13, 02:14 am
Yeah both boys its 42inch by 54inches

05-02-13, 02:26 am
^ That sure sounds like it'd be big enough for 2 pigs! It all sounds ok from what you've posted... Teddy (the 4 week old?) might not be able to cross the bridge because he's so little. Also, is there a cover over the bridge so he can't fall off? If not, adding one might give him the confidence to give it a go.

I'm not an expert in boar behaviour as I've always had sows but so far as I know rumbling at each other with no other bullying behaviours is perfectly normal.

Jackie's Guinea Pigs (http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/piggycare.html) is a really fantastic resource for info on taking care of the guinea pigs and also what behaviours (http://jackiesguineapiggies.com/guineapigbehaviour.html) are normal. Good luck!

05-02-13, 02:51 am
Thanx av looked nd read loads on internet just wondered what was normal xx

05-02-13, 03:37 am
It sounds like normal dominance behavior, just don't interfere and let them sort it out themselves.

05-02-13, 05:51 am
there is no need to seperate them again. get it done once and they can live together after if no violence occurs! :)